Thursday, May 14, 2015

On Tour In The UK With Pacific Soul Ltd. #5

Fifth day of the tour was split in thirds. The first third was spent at the Liverpool Cathedral. Always interesting to visit churches. I had been before and was looking forward to revisiting the Lady Chapel at the Cathedral, which is a divine space. Said a few prayers. Had lunch there, too.
The second 2/3rds were Beatle-heavy. We did a repeat of the National Trust's tour of the Beatles' Childhood homes. The NT takes you to 20 Forthlin Rd (the former McCartney residence) and 251 Menlove Ave. aka Mendips (where John Lennon was raised). On this tour you are allowed into the homes and are regaled with stories from two expert guides, wife and husband team Sylvia and Colin. Visiting those shrines is moving, inspiring and a marvel. The Beatles lived in Liverpool right up until they broke in the US. They were already famous in the UK, but hadn't fully abandoned there hometown.

From there we went to Strawberry Field. Caught a cab and the driver took us to Penny Lane. And then, we played a mini-set at the Jacaranda. An unexpected addition to our tour dates. The Jac is one of the few remaining small venues that the Beatles actually stood upon to play. And I was there. We were there. Pacific Soul Ltd. performed on the same underground stage as the Silver Beatles (John, Paul, George & Pete). Outstanding. First the Cavern, now the Jac. Thank you, Liverpool.

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