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Media Day at Camp Rebound

Hey Soul People, today there are two bites of new media to enjoy! First, there is a review of ON THE REBOUND from Minty & The Beeb out of the UK. They saw my solo acoustic set at IPO Liverpool in May. Second, Almost FairyTale Films has produced a short spot featuring yours truly, talking mainly about Huckleberry Finn. Watch it on YouTube . More to come. Keep on dancing and spreading the good word about ON THE REBOUND! Stay cool. Love & Music

On The Rebound Is Number 59

Some news to start the new week! My record ON THE REBOUND is #59 right now on the iTunes new release chart ! It appears that it was as high as #47. I'm right ahead of Tori Amos and Paul Simon? What!? Well, thank you fans. Please continue to spread the good word about how much you enjoy this record. I'm very proud of it; and very grateful to you all for your support and patronage. Cause you can dance and look cute helps. The album also got a nod on the Earth, Wind & Fire Fansite due to the participation and collaboration of EW&F trumpeter Rahmlee Michael Davis. His amazing, trademark trumpeting is on a number of key tracks, including So Sophisticated , She's My Go-To and the lead single Your Majestic Rejection . Too smooth. What can I say? Thank you! More news to come. And mark your calendars for that Thursday, Nov. 15 date at Cinema Bar. It will be wild. xo

Your First Weekend On The Rebound

Thanks to everyone who has purchased the download or CD of ON THE REBOUND. What a joyful noise. I really believe in this record. I want the world to hear it, and that starts with you! In case you missed the announcement on Tuesday, you can get the record through... iTunes CDBaby or contact me for an autographed hard copy! It will be the best $10 you spend on music this year. Here's some news: if you haven't joined the Celebration at facebook , go now! Join the party and then invite your friends to check out ON THE REBOUND (OTR). Simple and fun. You can post your opinions about the album, you can show off your party dress and post a picture. It's a forum for you the fans, friends and family. One goal is to get enough exposure that when I pursue late night TV appearances the fan base for my music will be substantially larger than a month ago. I'm getting a lot of internet radio play already. I can hardly keep up with it. Thank goodness my one man office, Jas

More Ways To Get On The Rebound

ON THE REBOUND has arrived. And to prove it, it is here. As mentioned in the previous post, you can purchase your digital version from: ON THE REBOUND @ iTunes ON THE REBOUND @ CDBaby  for MP3. CDBaby will have physical copies shortly; and Amazon will have MP3 as well. Just follow your preferred link. Also, there are hard copies available from yours truly. If you want one, please contact me via email in my profile. They are $10 each (or £6), and I will cover the shipping & handling, even internationally. Autographed copies may be requested too! Thanks for your love and support. You are going to dig this album immensely. I had a lot of fun recording it and I cannot wait for the world to enjoy it. A lot of hard work and passion went into the production of ON THE REBOUND and I am very proud of it. Peace & Love

On The Rebound Bows On iTunes

Friends, fans and family! It's past midnight Eastern time on Oct. 2, 2012. That means my new long-player, ON THE REBOUND, is available online. It just dropped on iTunes . Of course, other online retailers will have it soon, including CDBaby and Amazon. Thank you to the amazing people who performed on the record Kevin Jarvis DJ Bonebrake Bryan Farrar Larry O. Williams Rahmlee Michael Davis Evie Sands Teresa Cowles and my producer extraordinaire Adam Marsland Thank you to my extracurricular team: the Hendershotts and Vio Meyners; and Earle Mankey. Thank you to my family and theirs who endured the artistic process with me. I know you will enjoy this record. Please share it with the world. And please take time to post a review for others wherever you download it. Your support is incredible and I thank you! OK, back to spreading the good word about ON THE REBOUND! Peace and Love