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Hands And Feet

Last night was our final drawing class at the Norton-Simon museum in Pasadena. It was part of a series of 4 lessons. I did fairly well with the head and face. But two sessions of the body/torso did me in. However, I made a nice comeback with the hands and feet. Didn't know I had it in me. It doesn't hurt to have 17 th and 18 th C. masters to study. I've mentioned my appreciation for the N-S before. Highly recommended. My previous blog met with lots of glitches. I still can't tell if it published. So, just in case, a reminder: tomorrow I will be singing the Just As We Are segment in church at 10:30. The selected song is Bob Dylan's Pressing On from his 1980 LP Saved . Time to work! Peace & Love

Random Notes From Hollywood On Ash Wednesday

Hey Y'all. Been a good week for you, I hope. Got in a little while ago from communion for Ash Wednesday. God only knows how much I needed it. It was a silent service in Boyer Chapel. One of my favorite spaces. Last night, we went to the Groundlings ' theatre to see Jeremy Rowley reprise his show Inland Empire . Some bits were reruns and there were several new sketches, but it was all inspired illness. Jeremy plays these unhinged characters from the Riverside area; his mathematically challenged Dad in " Family Dinner" was a favorite of mine. You may know Jeremy's voice from the Lost Untangled shorts on ABC. Or check out his shorts on YouTube: Kids are Safe is Germanic madness and I don't even know how he filmed Trippin ' At D-Land . Something that struck me going to the Groundlings on Melrose was the loss of the Gig. I must have played the Gig several dozen times between 1997-2006. It had been two-plus years since my last appearance there with R.H.S. A

No Sophomore Slump

I just finished doing something I haven't done in a decade or two. I played several dozen Beatles songs, including I'll Be Back, Tell Me Why, Julia and Michelle , on my (new) acoustic guitar. Picked up an inexpensive Yamaha with birthday funds. It occurred to me that I've never actually owned a real acoustic guitar. The first guitar I ever bought, and it's displayed in the corner of this very room, is not a hollow body, but is considered an acoustic electric. It's not really good for either, but it's a piece of my musical history. Anyway, after the old Ibanez couldn't hold a tune in church today, I determined that it was time for a new member to join the family. It took me about 90 minutes to pick out a guitar and then the salesman brought out a minty fresh one from the stock room. Trying to help the musical economy! So this evening, I unwrapped the new guitar, tuned it up and went to town. First I worked on what will be the special music at church next mo

GRAMMY Live Blog

11:29 PM Last year's Grammy Show was superior. Even though this one had Radiohead , U2 and Macca . I thought that Springsteen was invited. Glad we didn't go after all. Save the dough for next year. We have Springsteen and U2 to look forward to next time anyway. OK, in the morning, I'll format this blog into chronological order.  Checking the non-televised winners, I find some solace. Duffy won pop album of the year for Rockferry which improves with each play. Zappa Plays Zappa won best rock instrumental! Springsteen's Girls In Their Summer Clothes won best rock composition aka song. Hands down, the best lyric of the past several years in any genre. Peter Gabriel's spiritual Down To Earth from Wall-E   nabbed best song written for a film. My choice for video, Weezer's Pork & Beans was a winner. I got the long-form Grammy winner Peter Bogdonovich's Running Down A Dream for my birthday this weekend (thanks, cousin Chris). So the pre -awards would have b

Happy Birthday, Stewart

Ah, post-Birthday musings. What a wonderful night last night. The Aroma cafe was perfect. Even if were outdoors and had waterfalls on three sides of our casbah . Some of you know that I sponsor a child through World Vision . His name is Stewart and he resides in Uganda with his family. I became connected to him through World Vision's Experience Africa exhibit last year. There were so many children in need of monetary and spiritual support to choose to sponsor. It was overwhelming. I selected Stewart because of his angelic face and because his birthday falls the day after mine. So, I'm taking the time to wish Stewart a very happy 8 th Birthday! I know he won't see this blog, but this little man, his family and village are in my daily prayers. Prayers for a long, healthy and happy life, free from violence, disease and poverty; full of fun, peace and God's love and care. I hope he got his present on time. Stewart's WV liaison wrote me a note that was decorated with d

Rainy Night In NoHo

Thanks to everyone who sent their Birthday wishes. Extra thanks to those who braved the rain to join me for cake at Aroma. The donations to World Vision were wonderful. To my extended family and friends near and far, I want you to know that you are loved and appreciated. You make me feel so young! Peace & Love

The 100 Yard Dash Away From The 30's

Dog my cats, it's raining. I've spent the evening putting together a few collages for my birthday gathering tomorrow night. Yes, I will be working at the studio tomorrow. I've got performers counting on me. My new extended family. Anyway, I have boxes of pictures I haven't looked through in (gosh) a decade in some cases. Back to the Idle Kings, the beginning of my life in Los Angeles, my misspent youth. Just a few random thoughts. 1. Etta James is justified, little crazy, but so. She should have been invited to sing for the Obamas as long as At Last was part of the programming. This is Beyonce's second miscue, after last year's Grammy's when she called Tina the "Queen of Soul." Huh? Now, I know Beyonce is not responsible for either incident, but she's the common ground in each. 2. Franz Ferdinand continues to challenge me. This group puts out an album and makes me want to get right back at it. Tonight: Franz Ferdinand has some wonderful d