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Update For The Down Stroke

Dear friends and angels, time to update you all with the latest from my restoration. It has been one month to the day since I entered the stroke telemetry unit in the Kari and Dick Clark Neuroscience Unit at Providence St. Joseph's in Burbank. Those folks took really good care of me. I continue to get great care from the Missus and a raft of great doctors and support staff. However, there are times when the waters get choppy. To paraphrase CS Lewis, miracles occur when things are crap. My miracle, I am ever grateful for and very aware of. "The best part of waking not dying in your sleep." - Comedian Adam Ray, spoofing the Folger's jingle I say a lot of prayers upon greeting each day. God is magnificent. When I wake up, I start the day thanking God for all of the wonders of this life. I try to name names, too; that may include you. Don't hesitate to contact me, if you want me to specifically pray for you (and you know who you are). I keep a pretty t