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Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (Review)

I'm just in from the world premiere of Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins . WHRJ is the new comedy starring Martin Lawrence, directed by Malcolm Lee ( Roll Bounce ; Undercover Brother both underrated and well-worth your time) . It's the story of a Hollywood hotshot who takes his new fiancee and his son to his parents' 50 th wedding anniversary/family reunion. Mr. Lawrence as usual shows off his comedic genius. He has steadily become a sure bet in Hollywood. This time Lawrence is flanked by a cast of stars that at times threaten to steal the movie. Mike Epps (Reggie, a straight-up fool) and Mo'Nique (Betty) in particular shine in their roles as cousins to Lawrence's talk show king, RJ Stevens aka Roscoe Jenkins. The gift of gab runs deep in this family. Michael Clarke Duncan has never made me laugh so hard as Otis, Roscoe's unlikely little brother. Anytime the three of them were on screen the audience's laughter drowned out the dialogue. Watch for the softba

Sapp Sinks The Hugg

XTO knows what I'm talking about! Jessie Sapp ! Jessie Sapp ! Jessie Sapp ! The Hoyas nipped Bob Huggins's WV Mountaineers on Sapp's 3 pointer with seconds to go. Then Pat Ewing, Jr. broke off a block just like his pop to end the game. I love it when I get home from the studio just in time to watch the last 20 seconds of a GU win. Hoya , Hoya Saxa for the dear old blue and grey. Peace & Pro-Distance Threes

Obama Wrassles Letterman's Top 10

This must be seen to be believed. One of the best moments on Letterman in a long time... And David Letterman is still as funny as ever. This is the Top 10 List of the 21st Century. I used to have the "Top 10 List" books in the 80s and I can remember reading them aloud with friends and family. Obama's ranks up there with the late Barry White's delivery. It's hard to pick a favorite, but #8 might be mine. #7 is dang good. I hope that Senator Obama wins to fulfill these campaign promises. Anyone who's got a more difficult name to grow up with than myself has got my vote. Go on, BHO !! Peace & Disco Beats

Ain't Backing Down From Backing Barack!

Thanks to those volunteers and BHO supporters who reached out to me in the past 36 hours since my twilight zone experience at the Valley HQ. Senator Obama is still my man. I'm just gonna forget all about the gung ho foolios and hope and pray that they find a little balance and that the coordinators succeed in urging them to chill out. 'Cause when Obama wins on February 5 and I'm gonna show up at the HQ and be welcomed (and not pressed to phone bank). Like Curtis Mayfield said, "Keep On Pushing!" Peace & Disco Beats

Dear Old Blue & Grey

Happy Birthday, Georgetown. Swift Potomac's lovely daughter. I can remember your Bicentennial like it was yesterday. Same day that Dali died in Figueres. Had a truly weird and not-comfortable experience at the grand opening of Obama's HQ in the Valley last night. Kinda spooky dealing with overzealous strangers who patronize you and do high-pressure mind games. Bottomline: I'll phone bank when I want to. I'm still down with the BHO; but it was so utterly Scientology-like in there, that I could have been swayed by a kindly Huckabee supporter standing outside. My plan had been to buy some swag, since the junk I ordered hasn't arrived in the past 12 days. I knew there was a reason I got out of first-person politics. Bad form, Obama HQ. Peace & Disco Beats

Boys Like Peter Are Not Afraid Of Wolves

Today the Oscar nominations were announced. I was very disappointed that Denzel Washington and his film the Great Debaters were shut out. But I was intrigued by one nomination in the category for best animated short film. So I saw a familiar title in the rundown of nominees. And I took a look for it online. Prokofiev's Peter & The Wolf has long been one of my favorite pieces of music. I got an LP of it as a small child for my birthday, the flipside was the Nutcracker Suite (both conducted by the impeccable Leonard Bernstein). In fact, Bernstein narrated Peter. This version is a brilliant stop-motion animated telling of Prokofiev's tale. One thing I always thought was bad about the Oscars was that they gave out these awards for short subjects and you really couldn't actually view them anywhere. Thanks to the advent of YouTube , now you can. And I highly recommend it. P& TW runs just under 30 minutes, so it must be watched in 3 ten minute increments. But here ar


Wow. In case you missed it, Senator Obama hit one outta tha park in Atlanta today. Check it out. It is a long speech (about 34 minutes). But it was a great tribute to MLK on his day and another great moment in the historic movement to put Barack Obama into the White House. I had to work today, but I know how fortunate I am. I'm thankful for the hard work done by everyone involved in the continuing struggle for achieving Civil Rights for all in America. Especially my Mother and Father. I love you, both. Have a great week everyone. This has been a wonderful kickoff to mine. Peace

Changes In Longitude

Hey All, it is with an unheavy heart that I announce my postponement of my tour to the UK from March to May. Several dates had been booked and hopefully those venues will be available in May. The reasons are many and I'm not disappointed in the least. First, CD sales are just beginning to roll in and the financial cost of the tour is considerable. This will afford me some more time to put together resources and promote. Second, as mentioned in my previous blog, I have been invited to appear at the International Pop Overthrow Music Festival in Liverpool once again during 20-26 May. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit the Birthplace of the Beatles and play at the Cavern Club again. More details to follow. Finally, the original tour would have occurred during the Easter season and I've been fortunate enough and blessed to have been given expanded tasks at church. Which I'm feeling wonderful about. I know that many of you were expecting to see me in two months and I

Daily News Covers The Faithful

Check it out. I was jazzed to see an article about Pastor Joey McDonald and the church I attend in yesterday's LA Daily News . Pastor Joey is pretty cool and his speechifying hits me right. Plus, he's referenced Henry Rollins and Bob Dylan in his sermons (Don't know if this is a permalink , so I may have to cut 'n paste the article). But the NoHo FUMC is really my home away from home. And it's where I sing every week with the chancel choir. In fact, I'm just home from rehearsal. Keeping my chops up and praising the Lord in song. Come by and check it out if you are in the hood on Sunday. My namesake web address should be going live tomorrow. will take you to the official online source. But you already have the right address if you've gotten here. Just refresh those bookmarks. Finally, thanks to everyone who's buying me records. I know you will enjoy the music as much as I enjoy putting it out there for you! Oh, I've acc

3rd Shipment Of Talent On The Way

That means the 2 nd shipment to CDBaby sold out! Yow! Thanks, y'all! You're making my weekend very bright. It's such a blessing knowing that you are all gonna be grooving to the sounds of A Talent For Loving this week. I've been asked by a few of the fans in the UK about the disc and I want to encourage you to buy the disc now from CDBaby . I appreciate that you want to wait to get one in person. But, they're actually less expensive now versus what I'll be charging at shows (even with int'l shipping). And yes, I will autograph any copies brought to the shows. No fear. Plus, you'll get to hear the CD and learn the songs long before I return. LOL . Fans of iTunes and digital downloading, you can download from CDBaby . Although, if you must get it from iTunes , it will be available through there (and other digital services) in a few more weeks. You know I'll be sure to broadcast that! Peace & Disco Beats

Hibbert Hits A Three!

It ain't a new Dr. Suess story, but how #7 Georgetown sunk the Huskies ! Ahhh, My Hoyas won their Big East home opener in fine fashion today. Breaking the hearts of unranked UConn, 72-69. 7'2" Senior center Roy Hibbert hit his second career 3-pointer with less than 7 seconds remaining. The Huskies foolishly left Roy unguarded at the top of the key; other teams are now on notice. We are Georgetown! Ya dig?! Time to celebrate by listening to A Talent For Loving ! Peace & Disco Beats


Tonight, I ran into a producer I've worked with in the past. Richard Bosworth was at the market at the same time as myself. It was great catching up with him. He's currently working with rock and roll/Sunset Strip legend, Johnny Rivers. My hope is to finish up a project with Richard that was begun a while back. I think you'd like to hear the results. In political news, I have committed early to a Democratic candidate for President, y'all. It was not an easy choice, necessarily. Though it may be the obvious one, in hindsight. As you may know, I wear my politics on my sleeve. Can't help it. It's the way I was raised. So, I'm throwing my support to Barack Obama . He excites me like no statesperson of my generation. And his concession speech after NH Tuesday was anything but. It was electrifying! Please check out my strictly political blog Norman Kelsey's Obama -Rama at Barack's website. I've also set up my own personal fundraising page there,

First CD Shipment Sold Out, But More On The Way

Thank you to everyone who purchased my new CD, A Talent For Loving from CDBaby . The first shipment sold out! But have no fear, they will have more in stock before the weekend. You can still order a copy and it will be on its way to you with the quickness! Please be sure to leave a review on my CD Baby page after you receive the album. And tell your friends, too. I want as many people as possible to hear this wonderful disc. Yes, I said it's "wonderful." Peace & Disco Beats


Hey All, the CD is out and available for sale at ! It's the real deal, the hard copy version you've been waiting for to play in your car, on your stereo, in your computer. It's ready for you to order, get delivered to your door and get you delivered to the dance floor in your soul! Be sure to write your review on the CD Baby site. Be sure to tell your friends! And be sure to have a funky good time! Lots of work to do, so I shan't tarry. Peace & Disco Beats