Friday, August 31, 2007


Hey Soul Mates,
at 12:49 pst, I called my brother. I said, "I'm looking at Indiana Jones."

Have a great 3 day weekend!
Love, Power, Peace

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Skylight Books & TV's Jack Bauer

Hey Soul Mates,
I've just come in from the rain. It's been muggy and humid all day and finally, the rain has arrived. Hopefully not too much, because a bunch of us are going over to the Huntington this evening for their final Summer 'do.

I spent the afternoon browsing the shops along Vermont in Los Feliz. It's a pretty cool neighborhood. It's the home to my favorite Indian restaurant, Electric Lotus. I've done the Dresden, with it's 50's kitsch and nightly entertainment from Marty and Elayne. Haven't really walked around the area in the day time before. Mainly, I was there to visit the
Skylight bookstore. It's a funky independent shop. Lots of off-kilter greeting cards (Sept. birthdays watch out). And a cool selection of books. I bought a handful of titles that I'm going to start reading the second I'm done typing.

There is a series of paperbacks called 33 1/3 that place famous or notorious albums in their historical, cultural and artistic context. The two I got are devoted to Prince's Sign "O" The Times and James Brown's Live At The Apollo. These are long-players that I frequently tune into on the iPod. In my mind they are in the top 20 records of all time. I also picked a small book on Archaeology from an Oxford U. series called Very Short Introductions To... I think I'll start a collection of these. Lots of interesting subjects from politics, art, philosophy, religion, science. Fairly current, too. Lots to learn.

Finally, as we were walking out of the bookstore back to the car we passed an outdoor cafe. And sitting there, facing the street was 24's
Kiefer Sutherland (aka Jack Bauer). Patty said, "He was looking at you." I get that a lot. Ha ha. I immediately called the biggest 24 fan I know, my brother and told him. Los Angeles, what am I gonna do? I still love seeing the stars out in broad daylight. I've actually never watched 24, but I've seen The Lost Boys and Stand By Me a dozen times!

Time to hit the books!
Love, Power, Peace

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Unsigned and Making It

Hey Soul Mates,
midweek check-in. It's been busy times in the City of Light. Last night, I made my first visit to the Grammy offices on Pico. I attended a panel discussion called Unsigned and Making It. As soon as I got the invitation to the event and saw the title, I knew attendance was compulsory. The evening focused on how unsigned artists can benefit from licensing songs, even without a record deal. Recent Island Def Jam signees the 88 (whos songs have been featured in the O.C., Grey's, TV commercials, etc) were on the panel along with several prominent music supervisors. The sups had lots of good info about what they are looking for and what goes on in clearing licenses for film, TV and video games. The video game info blew my mind, in terms of demographics, sales and music opportunities. Got to do the 15 second pitch and hand off CDs to the sups (Bryan and I have also been sending out CDs to the music sups we know). Here's to hearing Rush Hour Soul in the next blockbuster or as the theme song for a top 10 TV show. I also had a chance to chat with the lovely and talented
Ms. Tia Carrere (of Wayne's World fame) who's just released an LP of trad Hawaiian music. Excellent!

Monday night, I was at the Ice House in Pasadena to check out my friend,
Micah McCain's stand up routine. Hysterical as ever. Here we are outside the venue. I hadn't been to the Ice House in years. The decor features lots of vintage pics and head shots of famous comedians performing there including Carlin, Dangerfield, Letterman. Anyway, it was good to laugh. And yes, that is my real hair. I haven't had it this short in a decade, but when the temperature's rising, you have to do something! Kind of a Clooney thing, don't you think?

Monday afternoon, I also saw Steven Spielberg at work. He's been filming a top secret movie about a guy with a whip in the soundstages next to mine. Shia LeBeouf looking like a greaser was also hanging around. Never did see
Dr. Jones, but several of my co-workers did. I actually see Mr. Spielberg a lot, but it's still kind of freaky.

Sunday, I spent the afternoon with the good folks at the Huntington. I began rereading a favorite Mark Twain novel Pudd'nhead Wilson. Had a nice time chilling out in the Japanese garden. Although it's been scorching here in L.A. this Summer, if you look hard enough there are some cool, shady spots around town.

Gotta 'nother busy day of RHS work around the office. More discs to send out. Planning our October shows. Laundry. Tonight: a writing session. Ooooh, aaahh.

Love, Power, Peace

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Man

Hey Soul Mates,
as you know, I have to "watch" the Cleveland Browns' games via ticker. And let me tell you, Brady Quinn just marched down the field, firing 6 of 7 for 63 yards, and threw for a TD on his first pro drive. Spectacular. Yeah, it's preseason against 3rd stringers from Detroit, but I'll take it! His first throw was for 30 yards. Go Dawgs, Go! Never mind the score, this is what us Browns' fans have been waiting for since Bernie and Brian. The "B" theme is not coincidental.

In band news, we're in the process of having our logo done. It's going to be sweet y'all. The fellas at Alphabet Arm are cooking up something wonderful, for sure. Had a great discussion with Aaron about the image and direction of the group. We also had A Talent For Loving remastered, the first version wasn't up to standards, but now it's so fresh and so clean, clean. We also reordered the track listing, so Talent jump starts to album. Bryan and I are still debating what to name the record. But we're leaning toward making Talent the "title track," knowwhatimean?

Oh, I saw the Simpsons Movie last night. Hysterical and well-done. Very yellow.
Have a great Saturday night.

Love, Power, Peace

Thursday, August 16, 2007

On The Town

Hey Soul Mates,
Hollywood, late night entertainment. Stopped in the 3 Clubs last night to see my friend Scott Halper in one of his many bands, The Digs. Nice, late 60's country-rock. Think Byrds, Badfinger. Scott (one of the baddest bass players in L.A.) is also in Monogroove, who have shared the bill with us before. Anyway, it was the first time I'd seen a live act in that bar since seeing Orson there in 2005. There is actually a stage now and the sound was quite good. The 3 Clubs simply has vibe pouring from it. Very nifty. Before the set, Scott and I had nice discussion. We traded notes on where we've played and would like to play. I always enjoy talking to other American musicians who've played overseas. Everyone seems to have the same impression that live music is vital everywhere on planet Earth except here at home.

Well, I've got to put in a call to Alphabet Arm for our logo/graphic design. Exciting!
Have a cool Thursday, all.
Love, Power, Peace

Monday, August 13, 2007


Hey Soul Mates,
only in Los Angeles. I went to the market up the street yesterday afternoon, just after blogging and ran into
George Wendt. Hardly said "hello," but it was fun seeing him. I nearly ran back to him to thank him for making "Norm" relatively cool. My parents saddled me with a crappy name that had no positive connections in pop culture at the time and hasn't exactly gained cache since. Kind of like "A Boy Named Sue." I hope.

Thanks to Cheers, at least "Noooooorm!" replaced references to Norman Bates in
Psycho and worse. Plus the writers always gave Mr. Wendt clever things to say on the show, like the classic "It's a dog eat dog world, and I'm wearing Milkbone underwear." And the immortal: "Women. You can't live with 'em. Pass the beernuts." Anyway, I left Mr. Wendt alone and continued my quest to alter the connotations of my own name.

Later in the evening, we found ourselves in San Marino and got some great photos. One of L.A.'s true garden spots. Bryan and I appear as if we're in an episode of Lost or Fantasy Island. No Mr. Eko, however. Or Mr. Rourke. Take a look. It was a simply gorgeous night and the glow from the sunset was truly golden. Thanks to Patty Tokahuta, our photog! There are a few more pics at our MySpace page from the session.

Love, Power, Peace

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Are You Ready For Some...


Hey Soul Mates,
just checking in on a beautiful, sunny Sunday. North Hollywood is actually restful today. In case you hadn't heard football season is almost upon us. American football that is. The Browns won a close preseason game last night in Cleveland. I'm wringing the Internet for analysis on the game. Certainly wasn't on TV. And as I told my Dad yesterday, I don't expect to see the Browns on TV at all this season (Sporting News' predicted finish 3-13. Ouch). Doesn't mean I won't be rooting for them and wearing the Orange and Brown. I usually spend Sunday mornings "watching" the play-by-play on the computer. Kind of like Football-by-Telegraph. That's the 21st Century!

In band news, we have begun our quest for a logo. Something nice and sharp that will represent RHS. I've tried my hand at graphic design and only got so far. Time for professionals! We've been in contact with the good folks at
Alphabet Arm. Check out their handiwork. Pretty stylish.

Letting loose the reins of certain aspects of RHS is crucial for me. I have worn myself in to the ground at times, playing webmaster, bassist, accountant, referee, merchandiser, travel agent, Indian Chief, etc. Simply for the love of the band. But I'm learning to delegate. Must allow others to work. This is a business after all.

Love, Power, Peace

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Overboard For Aubergine (New Pix)

Hey Soul Mates,
here are the first pictures of the band out of it's cocoon. The chrysalis called the Rush Hour Soul by the cognoscenti. We start with the beginning and the end of our show Saturday at the Alterknit Lounge.

If you've been to our myspace page, you've seen the new head shot. We had a photo shoot in the beautiful NoHo subway. Ah, home turf. Official photos by Patty Tokahuta as usual. My Mom caught the candid shot of Bryan and me laughing about Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The ladies were trying to decide if I was in purple or aubergine. Ha ha. And yes, the clothes were cleaned between the show and the shoot.

Above and beyond, I want to give a special shoutout and thanks to our Superdog, Doug. Thanks for being brilliant on and lovely throughout. All credit where it's due. Those beats, those beats! We will miss you, but you'll always be in our hearts.

True believers, the globe is about to know about Rush Hour Soul.
As the Jacksons once posed that musical question: Can you feel it?
Love, Power, Peace

Monday, August 06, 2007

Dressed For Success [Show Recap]

Hey Soul Mates,
thanks to the legion of ladies who danced and sang to the Rush Hour Soul at the Alterknit Lounge for International Pop Overthrow Saturday night. Oh, what a night. That's a hot little room. Thanks for adding to the heat! It was nice to have MC David Bash declare us one of the best dressed acts in music. We are just a reflection of our fans!

Set list:
Fall Out/Planet Rock
Everyone's Ingenue
I Can't Cry For You
Everything My Heart Desires

U Had The $
A Talent For Loving

Encore: Done Lost My Mind

As you may have noticed, our website and myspace are getting makeovers. We're finally going to get professional help... ha ha, for homepages. Be sure to refresh your pages, sometimes those cookies get stale. That way you have the most up-to-date versions of our websites on your screen. If you have RHS banners on myspace, be sure to update your profiles, the code is just slightly different.

Have a great week everyone.
Love, Power, Peace

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Masters of the Universe

Hey Soul Mates,
nah, it's not He-Man, I'm just listening to our just delivered Masterdisc of RUSH HOUR SOUL, our self-titled album. Wow. It's huge. I forsee a number One, a handful of Grammy's, a world tour and meeting all of you smiling people in 2007/8.

Thanks to everyone of our MySpace friends who clocked in with their votes for the Free download we will unleash this afternoon. Fall Out was the winner and the track will be made available this afternoon thru MySpace.

Back to work!
Love, Power, Peace