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John & Yoko and UK Tour Update

The atrocities on American Idol aside, there's lots to celebrate about the Beatles. For instance, today is John & Yoko's wedding anniversary. A very auspicious day. Congratulations are always in order and welcome on March 20 th . As many of you know, I'm heading back to the home of the Beatles in May to represent! Bringing the sunshine funk back to the UK. I'll be playing three shows during Memorial Day weekend (or Bank Holiday, as the Brits say). First stop will be Wednesday the 21st at Maidstone in Kent, playing Sounds @ Zebra. I'll be support for my good friends, the Foxes. Tickets are on-sale now ! Only £5. Then I'll be hitting Liverpool. Yeah, yeah, yeah. International Pop Overthrow has the audacity to present yours truly on Friday, May 23 & Saturday, May 24. These are my only schedule UK appearances this Spring. So if you want to get your dose of the T.A.L.E.N.T. make your plans now to be there. Here's how the line up shakes out in an easy t

Thank You Falletine It (Be Sly's Birthday)!

Happy Birthday to Sylvester Stewart. Of course, Sylvester became a musical legend in the late 1960's as Sly Stone fronting the Family Stone. They had a string of era defining hits and made 45s that you could spin for days. OK, so Sly Stone has become a recluse of J.D. Salinger proportions, but like Salinger, the art endures. Time to put on Sly & The Family Stone's Greatest Hits and remember why. "Everybody Is A Star" may be one of my favorite records of all time. But, it's worth listening to Sly's very positive message in that song and tunes like "Hot Fun In The Summertime" and "Stand!" I like to let my music speak to the listener without any interference from me. But check out "Sucka" & "Roosevelt's Revue" from my new record. They are rump-shaking, high- fiving nods to the man himself. So I'm going to recognize Sly's genius and "Dance To The Music" today! Remember: all of us are " Ev

"A Talent For Loving" Added To Amazon

Hey y'all, Amazon has added my CD "A Talent For Loving" as an MP3 download. And it's bargain priced at $8.99. And if you drink Pepsi, lots of Pepsi (this is not an endorsement of Pepsi nor its products), you could probably have it for free! Yet another way to get your Talent on! Just a quick word about the Rock Hall honors tonight: Chic didn't get in. That's all that matters. I know... I can actually appreciate Madonna, Mellencamp & the Dave Clark 5 ("Because" is a really great single). But where on Earth is Chic's appreciation! Next year, Nile. So I can do the induction speech! Have a great night. Peace & Disco Beats