Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25 Session Update

This was one of those days where, by God, I got to be a musician nearly every waking hour. I haven't had a day like this in years. And the stress was minimal. Normally, I can be very tough on myself when it comes to recording my voice. I am learning to accept what my voice can and can longer do. It helps to have a supportive producer, who pushes in the right direction.

Today, we got master vocals done for three of the new tracks for the upcoming LP. We started with a ballad, so I eased into the process. I was quite happy after a half-dozen takes, I was getting the right feel for the song.This is the first time in years that I've put down a vocal for a song that I haven't performed live with a band. No preconception of the vocal, which was refreshing.

The second song, however, was a remake of Supermodels With Gatling Guns. That presented some problems as I usually belt that one out live, but it usually includes an array of rock and roll (i.e. "bum") notes. So it took a while to feel the vibe of the song in the studio without the benefit of my bass slung around my neck. Toward the end of the second hour of work on it, I captured the right attitude for it. That recording was exhausting, but worth the effort.

Around six in the evening or so, Adam and I agreed to give one more song its due, and we both chose the mid tempo On The Rebound. The first take was pretty luminous. I did a half-dozen or so takes and each one was a keeper. Nice when you find your range for singing and it can be effortless. That allowed for more creativity and some ad libbing. Again, not a song that has ever been done on stage, so today was the day to give it life. Fortunately, I've been living with the early edit of the song for a few days and I already enjoyed the guide vocal performance I did for it in May.

All for now, stay tuned. Going into overdrive to get the album completed. More vocals as the week continues and perhaps the remaining lead guitars before Labor Day.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On The Rebound

In many ways. It has been nearly a month since my last blog, but the album progresses.

Last night, I put down the last of the bass tracks for the new LP at Karma Frog, spending most of my time with On The Rebound. Rebound is one of a handful of collaborations with Bryan Farrar that have made it through the sessions. I was able to give it a pretty loose funky performance. My producer Adam has been busy contributing loads of synthesizer, keyboard and guitar tracks. Bryan, my longtime guitarist, will be coming in during August to supply solos.

Speaking of Adam's handiwork, his piano playing on two tracks in particular, Huckleberry Finn and Your Majestic Rejection are stunning. I took a 24 hour road trip to LV last weekend, dropped off an aunt/saw the Beatles' LOVE. But on the way, I had a demo disc to listen to and by God, I could not stop listening to those two tracks as I drove through the desert. Surprising because Finn is about life in the Mississippi, I'm no where near a river and yet it was fitting. Rejection is a straight-up vintage R&B waltz and I hear something new in Adam's playing each time I listen. I cannot wait to share these records with each of you.

In other news, my previous record A Talent For Loving is available for those who are subscribed to Spotify. Spotify is a new service that gives one access to about a billion songs on-line. I have to sign up myself to see what it is all about, but Spotify has been wildly successful in Europe as a way to get people to listen to new music without having to download it. Personally, I will never tire of LP's and even CD's. I must have the art!

Mark your calendars for August 4. That is when I will take the stage with my trio at Molly Malone's for the International Pop Overthrow music festival in Los Angeles. You can find venue details on my website.

Gotta jet. Be well!