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Top 10 Albums and Records of 2014

Happy Boxing Day! Time for my Top 10s for 2014. Album of the Year and Record of the Year. What's the difference? I follow the guidelines of the good folks at the Grammy Awards. Albums are full artistic statements; Records are those singles or defining tracks that made the most impact on my playlists. These titles were enjoyed on my iPod, CD player and turntable. The Sonic Arts were alive and well this year. All of these releases came out in 2014 or made their greatest impact this calendar year (so Arctic Monkeys and Arcade Fire are absent). However, I like to wait until December to put out my lists because sometimes a record unleashes in the days before Christmas (ahem, D'Angelo & Mark Ronson) or late discoveries and re-evaluations (St. Vincent). Top Ten Albums: 1. Prince - Art Official Age . Yep, Prince crept up on me with this one. Not since "Sign 'O' The Times" has Prince put out what I would call my Album of the Year." Don't call it a