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Christmas Unwrapped: Meeting Ernie Cefalu

What do I want for Christmas after surviving my midsummer stroke? Not much, because every day is a celebration. But I love this time of year. The decorations, the music, the food, the family and gatherings. I am thrilled to be here for another one. So, as far as presents do go, I got family approval for my selection and guess what: Christmas came a week early for me. And Santa looks an awful lot like graphic design titan Ernie Cefalu . The name doesn't ring a bell? His work will. You - music fan - cannot matriculate through Rock 'N Roll High School without knowing Mr. Cefalu and his cadre of artisans who made up Pacific Eye & Ear. Their iconic work in the 1970s adorned album covers for the likes of Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath & Grand Funk Railroad. As PE&E's Creative Director, Ernie hired and collaborated with some of the most celebrated artists, illustrators and designers in the history of rock and roll, not on the music, but the beautiful sleeves that contai

Shouldn't It Really Be The Tamla Sound?

Hey friends, I've been doing a huge reorganizing project, especially with a holiday visit from my Mom approaching. That meant relocating my record collection because the carpet is being steam-cleaned today. I admit, I am one of those people who will stop and reminisce over an album, remembering where it was purchased, when I last listened to it, admiring the artwork - even when it is not on the turntable. So, going through my vinyl last night, I was surprised by how few of my favorite Motown artists actually recorded on the "Motown" label. I think we assume that if singers are associated with the Sound of Young America and Detroit in the 1960s that the artist was indeed on Motown. True to an extent, but the imprint of their 45s and LPs may not have been "Motown." I love my music trivia, so here it comes. Sure, there are the usual suspects like Diana Ross & the Supremes and the Four Tops. But only two of my favorite Motor City acts actually released the

Christmas Sale For Ya!

Merry Christmas, Music Lovers! For the next three weeks and through Boxing Day (Dec. 26th), I am offering my two complete solo albums at the cost of $5 each. That's A Talent For Loving and On The Rebound for only $5 a pop. Now is your chanc e to pick up either or both for yourself or as an excellent gift for like-minded friends and family. Let's find out how. 1) For high quality digital downloads go to CDBaby . 2) For physical CDs, message me directly. I will personally mail them to you. S&H is $1 for the first CD; and caps at $2 for domestic/USA orders for as many copies as you wish. Payment via Paypal, etc. Autographs on request. Thanks for your support! Now, let's dance! x

Norman’s Rockwell Top 10 Lists for 2013

It’s time for my annual rundown of my favorites for the calendar year of 2013. Mind you, this is not for art’s sake, but the music that moved me most - although sometimes that happens.  Top 10 Albums: 1.  David Bowie - The Next Day This album was heralded by the most amazing vacuum of hype ever. The single “Where Are We Now?” arrived in the wee hours of Bowie's 66th birthday in January with not a hint of warning. That the LP turned out to be his most completely compelling work since Scary Monsters was his greatest birthday gift to us his fans. Couple this with the absorbing David Bowie Is staged at the V&A this year and my hibernating Bowie fascination was reawakened to an extraordinary degree. If you get anywhere near this installation as it tours the globe, drop what you are doing and get tickets. On my flights to and from the UK for my tour I listened to The Next Day back-to-back-to-back. Highlights: “Valentine’s Day” (not a love song, mind you); “The Stars (Are