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You Hear It... First

Hey Soul Mates, we can announce our next show now. We'll be back at the Good Hurt on Tuesday Oct. 25 at 10:30 pm. The bill looks pretty good. Sorry but the show is 21 and up. Entry is $5 at the door when you download this flyer. Click the image for a larger version. Also, the new Indie Airplay is posted. We are not in the top 5 this week, but they discussed our CD release show and condensed our interview into a 5 minute segment. The train keeps on rolling. The DJs mentioned all of the e-mails they've received in support of RHS. That's a beautiful thing. We love you right back! Finally, the tracks from our new EP are almost ready to debut on iTunes and your favorite download service. Perfect for your iPods, etc. A limited number of discs will also be sold through CD Baby shortly. Check CD Baby for availability. *7 new pictures from BB King's have been posted on Many more to come. Talk to you later, Love, Power, Peace.

Party Pictures and Some Party People

Hey Soul Mates, it's getting late, but I've just posted the first handful of pictures from our CD release party. There are about 40 more to go through and get onto Let this whet your appetite. Be sure to look for yourself in the photos as we're going to have quite a few audience shots. Included in the first couple of pix are my brother Nate who MC'd the night and Jackie who ran our merchandise stand. Also a fun shot of some Soul Mates on the balcony. We've been getting lots of offers for shows for Oct and Nov. I'll tell you now that we are going to book some really good shows and we keep in consideration all of the feedback we've gotten from you. We'll probably play West LA in October and be back in the Valley/Hollywood for November. It's nice to be wanted for shows, but some of the gigs we could take aren't optimal. Some, however, are. We have such a cool fan base. Y'all come to the shows, dress swell, dance and drink and for the mo


Hey Soul Mates, our interview has been posted on Suite108 today, Sept. 26. It's been podcast in it's entirety. Meaning the show lasts 50 minutes. It includes all 3 full musical performances and everything I told you about last week. I hope that you enjoy it. And if you are so moved, please let us know what you think via this blog or myspace. Better yet, let the station know what you think. We really had fun spending time with Sara Routh (the host) and playing for the audience in attendance. It's an experience we look forward to repeating in the future. The station had some nice things to say in their description of the group and I think we acquitted ourselves nicely during the interview. Thanks again for everyone's support. Love, Power, Peace p.s. Parental discretion is advised when listening to the interview. Definitely do not play out-loud at work. There are a few choice words laced in the conversation. Sweet.

Take Me Away: Show Recap

Hey Soul Mates, what a successful evening. Thanks to everyone who came from far and wide to see our show. The turnout was good and the dancefloor was packed. The band was decked out in purple, magenta and black with matching boutonnieres (at Bryan's suggestion). My brother, Nate was gracious enough to introduce us and we got right into Fall Out . We spiked the end of Bad Penny Blues with a taste of Kanye West's Gold Digger , which got people fired up. The energy was great for the whole set. We really enjoyed being able to play two Number One's back-to-back. And as I told the audience, it will be fun to play those songs to 80,000 people. It's always a wonderful feeling to hear 100 people sing your song back to you. Thanks for making a musician feel good, Soul Mates. I think everyone's getting the lyrics down very well. The front row in particular was belting 'em out on our current #1, Done Lost My Mind . Now, the high point of the performance came toward the end

Tonight, Tonight Won't Be Just Any Night

Hey Soul Mates, the last of the errands has been run; the last of the VIPs have been accounted for; the CDs are ready for you. Et cetera. Et cetera. We are ready to rock for you. I trust you are all ready to dance. It's going to be shoulder-to-shoulder at BB's. Everybody come so fresh and so clean. My Dad has been in town with my brother the last few days. Yesterday was Dad's Birthday, so we celebrated in grand style. So, if you see my Pop at the show tonight give him a holler. So much preparation going on for our set tonight. We've been go, go, go. I'm hoping to take a short nap after lunch. There's a dead heat on our evite poll. It's down to the wire which Hipper-to-the-Hopper we start some beef with. 50 Cent and Fat Joe are neck and neck. Someone should cast a deciding vote. Hey, Oaktown's 357 could still get on a roll and cream the competition. Even if you live out of town and you can't attend tonight you can put in your 2 cent (get it?). Time to

Entering The Charts At #1

Hey Soul Mates, Our new single Done Lost My Mind has entered the chart on Indie Airplay at NUMBER ONE! Doug and I have been IM'ing this morning and we are so thrilled and blessed. Let's keep this ride going: Boogity-boogity-boogity! Things in RHSville are really getting exciting. Last night, we had our final rehearsal before Friday's show. The atmosphere is super-charged. We are going to do a cover for you that I never thought I'd have the chance to play in this or any life time. But thanks to Bryan and Doug's versatility we are going to pull off a big surprise for you. Of course, we'll be performing both sides of our chart-topping double A-side. Gotta run. But check out the Sept. 20 2005 Indie Airplay episode featuring our new #1. Be sure to come to the show on Friday to help us celebrate! Love, Power, Peace

Radio, Radio

Hey Soul Mates, we're just in from taping our performance/interview for Suite 108's Monday Show with Sara Routh . It was a successful evening. We had a lot of fun and our intimate live studio audience added to the atmosphere. Sara, the host, is a gas and the band got on famously with her. We started the show with a semi-acoustic performance of our #1 single A Talent For Loving . Then we got into the interview. Everybody was particularly witty tonight. The topics of discussion ran from the origin of the group to movie quotes to the writing process to what the band was wearing to Bryan's dimples. You'll have to hear the podcast. Of course, I'll tell you as soon as it's available; although some of you will beat me to the punch. We ended up playing 3 songs during the show, depending on how it's edited. I'm going to let the rest be a surprise. Pictures from the evening have been posted. So check them out. There's super-redeye on some of them. Sorry folks,

Fight On

Hey Soul Mates, I'm just in from USC's 70-17 dismantling of Arkansas. Pretty impressive. This is the second year in a row that I've gotten to see the Trojans play. It was me and 90,000 of my closest friends at the Coliseum. The SC fans are rightfully rabid about their national champs. I've never seen an offense score at will like Leinart and Co. did tonight. I had a great view of it, too. The seats were 12 rows from the field at about the 20. Thanks to my man, Scott P. for the hook up. I also ran into an old musical collaborator, Dave DeMarco at the game. He was the lead guitarist in two different groups with me. Always nice to see a completely random face. Now, I don't wish a horrific season on my Browns, but I won't be mad if they make Matt Leinart the #1 pick. On a disappointing note, just before game time I realized I was coming down with a cold. And no, I didn't dress warmly enough. I did buy a sharp crimson and yellow SC/Harry Potter scarf. So now I

Morning Edition

Hey Soul Mates, what a wild, past 24 hours. Be sure to read the 2 previous blogs about our upcoming podcast interview. We are just one week away from our set at BB King's. I hope you've picked out something super-sweet to wear. Only 7 more shopping days. Ha Ha. I suspect that everyone is coming correct. You know we will. We got word yesterday that the CDs have been shipped, so there will be CD's at the CD release party. And there will be record executives, too. Time for RHS to rize! For those of you who haven't responded to the Evite, you should. This helps us gauge how many people we can expect to see in the audience and how we can prepare the club. This is also the easiest way to get the RHS discount at the door. When you RSVP yes (or even, maybe), we place your name at Will Call to get in for $10. If you aren't coming we aren't mad at you, just select that you can't attend. Also, when you answer the Evite, be sure to take part in our polls. We have two

Be A Part Of The "Studio Audience"

Hey Soul Mates, thanks again for the outpouring of support for Rush Hour Soul. We have a #1 single. And they can never take that away from us. All due to you and your letters to Indie Airplay . As I mentioned in this morning's blog they've invited us to tape an episode of the Monday Show with Sara Routh . The show will be broadcast at a later date, but the event takes place this Monday, Sept. 19 at 6:30 pm at the Karma Coffee House . If you are in the Hollywood area and would like to be part of the studio audience be sure to mark your calendars. We'd love to see any of your smiling faces. There will be a short interview and then we will be performing two songs in acoustic mode. That's right a rare acoustic performance from Rush Hour Soul. Of course, we'll be doing our chart-topping single, A Talent For Loving (I just like the sound of that!) . This podcast will be available on their website and iTunes. If you aren't familiar with podcasting, now's the time.

Top of the Charts, Ma!

Hey Soul Mates, to follow up on our radio news, we have some great developments. For those of you following our appearance on the Indie Airplay charts ( which we topped at #1 last week! ). Just listen to show #217. Now, we have been invited to do an "in-studio" interview and performance for the Monday Show with Sara Routh on Monday at the Karma Coffee house in Hollywood. We'll keep you posted on the details. Mark your calendars and hopefully you'll be part of the studio audience! This is all very exciting. I feel remiss for not getting the word out earlier for all of you. Better late than never. Be sure to go to the Indie Airplay site and download episode #217 . To access it, look for the "TUNE IN" bar on the far left of the home page. Thanks to everyone who wrote in to request us on Indie Airplay. Love, Power, Peace

Power Up

Hey Soul Mates, so that damn fool at LADWP nearly kilt my computer. Special thanks to my man, Johnny G. for making the house call to fix 'er up. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I think the MAN was trynna keep me down by busting my hoopty computer. Things are buzzing. A lot of you are telling me how excited you are about our upcoming show. We are too. The VIP list is doing nicely. We have an RSVP from the head of a major label; a Motown legend; and members of a Rock Hall band. Plus, my Dad is flying in for Atlanta for it. So you know this is going to be a night to remember. The CDs are being made as we speak. The tickets are flying out of our hands. Good times, as Chic would sing. Bryan is coming over tonight and we are going to figure out the setlist. Also, we are trying to come up with a neat cover version to do for you all. Just a note: the new Rolling Stones' album A Bigger Bang is 2/3 of a brilliant record. Easily their best LP since Some Girls . The opener Rough J

RHS EP cover art

Hey Soul Mates, I'm very pleased to announce that production has begun on our short-run of EPs. I hope that you will all be able to make it to the show to pick up your copy. Here's a sneak peak of the final artwork for the cover. As I mentioned, the art was inspired by vinyl EP and 45 rpm single picture sleeves from the 60's in particular. One source was very helpful, Merlis & Seay's Heart & Soul. Lots of great covers, some obscure. The artwork for these sides is highly stylized and quite striking. I feel A Talent For Loving is a strong performance. An A-side worthy of the large typeset and top billing, thus its prominence on the sleeve. We'll be getting the discount tickets for the show at BB's this weekend. So, if you see me on the street and you want a hard copy of the discount for the door, hit me up. Those of you on the Evite, will be placed on the discount list at Will Call at BB's. We are expecting a packed house for this show, so make your

Just An Old Fashioned Update

Hey Soul Mates, how are you? I hope that everyone is doing well. I've been busy preparing the artwork for our new CD cover. The front cover will feature the splash page picture from our website. The one that we have on the merch. By the way, the mouse pad is holding up to all the use it's getting. The back cover is a little more of a challenge; what to say, what not to say. This CD which we are selling at the show is going to be our demo/calling card for the record industry, so it's crucial that the information be concise, but fun. 'Cause you know we are. I've been studying some old 50's & 60's vinyl covers to capture some extra flavor. Rehearsal last night was great. We ran down the songs we'll be performing for you at BB's, while having fun with a couple of ideas for new songs and covers. One of the new songs is just about ready. Although, I want to rewrite the lyrics. Doug came up with a really great beat and the attitude of the song became a

Watch Your E-Mailbox

Hey Soul Mates, our official evite just went out for our CD release party at BB King's Blues Club set for Friday Sept. 23. We hope that you'll take the time to RSVP. There are also 2 fun polls we want you to answer. If you are not an official member of the Soul Mates, go to our website and sign up. It's the best way to stay on top of RHS news. We also sent out invites to a dozen choice luminaries, celebrities and notables. You may be rubbing shoulders with some star that you can hip to Rush Hour Soul! We've already had one RSVP before the invitations were printed. As you can guess, this is going to be an exciting night. We hope to have plenty of surprises for you. The run of CD's is going to be short. About enough for the CD release party. After the show, the tracks will only be available for download on iTunes, etc. It's a digital world, Sandy. The track listing for the CD can now be revealed: 1. A Talent For Loving 2. Everyone's Ingenue 3. Done Lost My Min

Stone Cold Giggin' (Show Recap)

Hey Soul Mates, Ah, I'm sipping some peach tea (with a healthy dose of honey) and reflecting on a show well done. Thanks to everyone who made it. There were so many people, I have to apologize to anyone that I wasn't able to thank personally after our set. The show was 30 minutes of pure Rock 'n B, Rush Hour Soul style. We sported black and green. I wore a vest (Mike & Mark remember?) that I got as a teenager in Holland. I used to wear it at shows with my first band in high school. Figured it was time to exhume it. Check out the air I got! Bryan played through the pain of a split finger nail. Purple heart, young. And I nearly blew out my voice on the third song. Other than that, the night was fun. Our set was nearly seamless, we'd been working particularly hard on transitions between songs. It helped us power through 8 numbers in a half-hour. The ladies held down the first 3 rows of the audience. Everyone looked great. Some new hairstyles out there! Russell (the nig

The Big Uneasy

Hey Soul Mates, I haven't been to New Orleans in nearly 2 decades. My fondest memory was sitting in Preservation Hall seeing the jazz band performing. I vaguely remember the Latin Quarter, my personal memories have been replaced by commercial images. But I know I was there. I recall the Superdome being this immense structure, like a wayward spaceship that landed off Bourbon Street. Recently, N.O. had been put into mind by the movie, Skeleton Key . And I've become quite a fan of Delta Blues in the past 5 years. Some of you may even remember a song called Southern Belle. Now, the lost city of Atlantis comes to mind. The region is one of the cradles of American pop culture. The Mississippi and it's Delta spawned the first great American storyteller, Mark Twain. The Big Easy gave us Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton and Jazz. The plantations gifted us with the McKinley Morganfield, Robert Johnson and the Blues. There are apocalyptic stories of levees breaking along the muddy

Your Face Here

Hey Soul Mates, less than 24 hours till our next show at the Gig. I'm at the computer with a new mouse pad. And it has my face on it. Kinda neat, kinda surreal. Of course, Doug & Bryan are there, too. The first of the merch came in yesterday. Had to check out the quality of Cafe Press' work. The sharpest items are the mouse pad and the mugs. Hey, Rush Hour Soul is on a mug. As much time as I spend drinking tea at the computer I figured this made sense. This is Callie wearing the Dawg Pound shirt. Cute, huh? And the dog is adorable, too. It's not easy to find good models nowadays. Tonight, I met the gang over at Trilogy. Bry just got his hair cut. Looks good. The other night after rehearsal he was sporting a serious afro. Justin T. would be jealous. So would Napoleon D. Random thought: which rap artist should Rush Hour Soul have a feud with? Everyone is doing it. 50 Cent has beef with The Game; 50 has beef with Fat Joe; 50 has beef with Gore Vidal. I was thinking that if