Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm A Bootleg

Hey Soul Mates,
you can now purchase a "bootleg" of my performance of Curtis Mayfield's Pusher Man with Adam Marsland's Chaos Band. It's part of a bootleg of the entire show, entitled "Tribute to 70's Soul." I've heard the recorded version and it's lots of fun. A very faithful, but exuberant performance of the hit from Superfly. Interested parties should visit the AMCB link above.

It's a Friday night in North Hollywood. What to do? What to do? Looks like a visit to Amoeba. That's always good for an hour or so.

Tomorrow, Bryan and I are going to work on some new songs and fine tune the set for Wednesday. We've got a slamming show ready for you. After conversing with a few people, we need to remind some of you to reset your junk mail filters to accept our Evites. We want you to know when we are playing, we love our audience. Plus we have two UK polls on this one and the responses so far have been good.

3121 where the party be. A special congrats to Prince on his first #1 studio album in over 20 years. Hard to believe all those great records (including Parade, possibly the greatest album ever and Sign 'O' The Times, the greatest double album ever) he made after Around The World In A Day, never hit #1 on the Billboard album chart. Only Batman, which was a soundtrack and hardly on par with his real LP work, topped it. Well done, Prince.

Love, Power, Peace

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Hey Soul Mates,
nothing will give you a 2 a.m. giggle-fit faster than reading severely negative hotel reviews. I must say that Trip Advisor has shaped our reservations for our voyage to the UK. The member comments are pure gold. I nearly cried reading about "mould 1/2 an inch thick" in a shower, "alarming eggy" smells emanating from a dining room and a general "sour and smokey" odour about. Phew. Turn me loose. Needless to say, we are going strickly modern.

We'll of course report back on our accommodation, but I must give a disclaimer that the views expressed on Trip Advisor are not mine, nor do they reflect my opinion of any establishment or its service. But I'm still in hysterics. It's hard to type. When people say youth hostels or the Y are better than a given hotel, that's funny. Or when a review entry is entitled "Never Again." LMAO!!! How about a room with a view of "a very attractive nitrogen tank?" Dizzamn!!

I am thrilled that we are beginning "From LA with Love" in Sheffield, home of Mr. Martin Fry and ABC. Human League, Joe Cocker and Pulp are from there, too. Plus, we've managed to book rooms a block away from D 'n' R where we are playing. In Liverpool, we'll be staying on the dock a few kilometres from Mathew Street and the Cavern. Which reminds me: what the heck is a kilometre? Special thanks to Hayley of Seaweed Biscuit for having the imagination to book us. Frankly, all the bookers we have dealt with have at least been pleasant, if not ready to have us rock the hizzy.

We didn't venture out in the rain to see Locksley last night. I trust they had a good set. After spending much of the day standing in rain, driving around Hollywood in it just loses its charm. Great episode of Lost tonight. Dang, Locke nearly lost his lower half... and the writers still haven't explained why he started the show in a wheelchair. Maybe during sweeps?!

Gotta keep busy, tho'. We're halfway done with hotel bookings. Our advert for the IPO program is done. Kind of clever, if I do say so myself. Bryan and I have started working up some new material. Dunno if you'll hear any of it before we get back. In case I forgot to mention it, Doug smashed and broke a finger last week, so send him some "Get Well Soon" thoughts. And yes, he practiced with a digit in a splint!

Oof. I just reread one of the hotel reviews and I'm back to laughing out loud. It helps to have the Kinks playing in the background, but even they can't drown out the laughter. I hope everyone finds some comedy during the day.
Love, Power, Peace

Monday, March 27, 2006

Leaving On A Jet Plane... In A Little While

Hey Soul Mates,
we are all stoked. We've made our flight resv's for the UK. It's a first international flight for both Doug & Bryan. Me, you know I loves the traveling and collecting those frequent flier miles. This will make my sixth trip to England. And it never ceases to amaze me. It will be Spring time. Maybe we'll get in a one-day cricket test or a little footie. Any suggestions on which side to support? I know Doug wants to see Wimbledon's Centre Court. Bry wants to see Stonehenge, but I think it has more to do with Spinal Tap than anything else.

This weekend we had two really productive rehearsals. Mainly worked on vocal parts for two hours on Saturday. Yesterday, we did a full electric practice. The run through Fall Out that we did was heavy (as they used to say). Dead heavy on the funk. We plan to record a version of Fall Out for our re-issue of the EP for the UK. On the way home, Doug and I were listening to Cameo and Parliament, singing along. Shake your pants.

Tomorrow night, we are going down to the Key Club to see Locksley from NYC. They are going to be bill mates of ours for our first UK show in Sheffield, May 26.

Back to business.
Love, Power, Peace

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Whole Lotta Thoughts

Hey Soul Mates,
wow, what a great response we are getting from our new British friends on MySpace. In only 2 weeks time, we have added nearly 300 new friends who are all excited about seeing us perform in the UK! From L.A. With Love, indeed! We can't wait to get over there to play for you. Only two months till the throwdown in yo' town!

Last night, we went to an advanced screening of Inside Man, Spike Lee's new joint. It's a heist thriller. Just about my favorite genre. I'll recommend it, for sure. I always enjoy Spike's work, even when he's off pace. But in this case, it's crackerjack. Denzel and Clive Owen work well together. Shame Clive couldn't be the new Bond.

All right, the band is getting a big kick outta the new V-dub ads with Peter Stormare. "Oh, Znap!!" If you haven't seen them yet, seek them out on or the like. Watch Peter looking like the lost member of Kraftwerk "drop it like eet's hhhot" and try not to laugh.

March Madness is at my place! And my Hoyas are in the Sweet 16 for the first time in years. Represent! Wish I could be in Minneapolis for the game on Friday. Funny, because the Hoyas played Ohio State (old homestate team #1) and now they face UF (old homestate team #2). But watch out for 7-foot Roy. He's the mack!

Enough of my stream of consciousness writing. We have another gig confirmation to announce. This time we're at the Arches in Barnsley on 31 May with our new friends SUPERfreak (from Barnsley). That's worth reporting.

Have a groovy Thursday, y'all. Gotta go. Lost is on in a few.
Love, Power, Peace

Friday, March 17, 2006

From L.A. With Love

Hey Soul Mates,
I know I haven't checked in all week. But we've been working prodigiously. Mainly, we've been sorting out our tour info and show dates for the United Kingdom. We are going to be announcing many shows in the coming weeks.

First up, Rush Hour Soul are confirmed for a headlining appearance (+ support) at the
Blue Cat Cafe in Stockport for 28 May. The night before our dual IPO dates. We are also booking to play at Bar 1 Twenty in Huddersfield, date and time, tba. As mentioned there will be many other dates confirmed, but these we can tell you about right now! Be sure to visit our tour page at Rush Hour or MySpace for the latest posted dates.

One other major piece of news we can give you is the title for our tour: "From L.A. With Love." If you've been to our official site you may have already known. Being James Bond fans, we felt it was only right. Plus, it's our way of spreading our own special brand of West Coast vibes to our new fans and friends in the UK.

We are also working on new merch designs that will be available shortly through our page on Cafe Press. Many will be done specifically for our tour.

There are talks in the works about a documentary being filmed of our tour. It's early in the process, it is an exciting development.

Bryan has been busy with our online presence at MySpace and we've made leaps and bounds making new friends around the world. Sounds like the British audiences are ready to get down with RHS! Way to go, Bry. Doug is currently up North coordinating a major fund raising event that we will headline. Keep on pushing, Doug. These guys are such a joy to be in a band with.

I was listening today to my iPod and a segment from our interview with Sara Routh on the
Monday Show came on. What a riot. Hard to believe that was September, right before our CD release gig. If you haven't heard the interview in a while; or if you are a new Soul Mate and have never been privy, check it out. It's 45 minutes of hilarity, close-mic'ed voices and exclusive acoustic performances of some of our biggest songs. You won't be disappointed.

Since it is officially St. Patrick's Day a little Irish entertainment is in order. I'm going down to the Gig Hollywood, site of our next show, to catch the Piper Downs (and their rhythm section of the McGuire twins) in action. Always rocking, those Downs. Gotta get spiffy.
Love, Power, Peace

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Kiss Me, I'm... [Show Recap]

Hey Soul Mates,
we got our green on and it was go, go, go. The show was so chill last night. We all had fun and breezed through the set. The Good Hurt's sound was spectacular. It's always a relief when the monitor work and give me a really good sense of what I'm singing. When we get to the slow numbers: watch out! The melody can get all the attention it deserves. I'm convinced we are the only "rock" band that does as many ballads as we do. He laughs to himself. All the ladies had a good time. Enjoy the daisies!

I will endeavor to get pictures up by the end of the night. Lots of great shots in our shades of green. Doug was under the weather, but held up like Gibraltar. Looking like the urban cowboy. Bryan was tip-top, rolling through the solo of Done Lost My Mind twice while I delivered flowers. Mmm-mm! The set was high-flying. Helps when everyone is over 6' tall. We've got a great action shot of Bry in mid-air. Usually, that's me. Bryan had been good all year, so St. Patrick brought him some beer.

We had a lot of compliments on our newly implemented harmonies on Love Someone (which we hadn't played in a few shows) and on our Beatles' cover. The Fab number went down a storm. Funny thing is, several people (who are Beatles fans) told me "I never liked that song... Until you did it." What a nice thing to hear. It's tough with the Beatles because you can't do the "hits" or risk sounding foolish.

And I'm not telling you which song we did. You'll have to come to the show in May to hear it again. For our next show at the Gig, April 6, we are debuting a new original song. For the following show April 26 at the Good Hurt, we unveil the second Beatles' cover. At our show in May, tba, we'll play both the Lennon/McCartney tunes.

Rush Hour Soul's set list:
U Had The $
A Talent For Loving
Everything My Heart Desires

Down By Love
Everyone's Ingenue
[Beatles Cover]
Fall Out
Done Lost My Mind
Love Someone

Have a great Saturday. I'm going up to Mt. Lee to the Hollywood sign. Because it's there!
Love, Power, Peace

Friday, March 10, 2006

No. No. Notorious

Hey Soul Mates,
it's show time! Well, in a few hours. We have our first appearance at the Club Good Hurt for 2006. Should be fun. It's the "LOVE" show. Lots of songs about love. Including the new Beatles' cover we've learned up. Get ready for the lovin'. We are going to get our wearing of the green on as well. It's a week before St. Patrick's day, so why not.

The title of today's blog does have significance. I've been selected as one of my high school's "Notorious Alumni." This year is their 50th Anniversary and they are putting together several commemorative events and of course - Yearbook! "Smoke Signals," it's the Terry Parker Braves after all, has approached the alums for feedback and profiles all year. Come to find out that I'm Notorious! Along with former Miss America & TV personality, Leanza Cornett. I haven't seen homegirl in years. I hear she's doing alright for herself.

I've always had a lot of love for my old high school. It's where I first performed with a band on stage. Go Braves. Lots to do in preparation for tonight, but I'll check in tomorrow with a recap.
Love, Power, Peace

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In The Town Where I Was Born

Hey Soul Mates,
wow. What a great day in the history of the band. We got our festival dates for the International Pop Overthrow in Liverpool this a.m. Some of you may already know. We are playing twice in one day for the fest. First stop will be at Lennon's at 7.15 pm; followed by a perf at the legendary Cavern Club at 9.30 pm. Both shows are on 29 May and both venues are on the same block of Matthew St. And they are free! Get your bank holiday on with Rush Hour Soul! We hope as many of our new friends and fans in UK as possible will get to see us during the tour.

More dates will be announced as they are confirmed. But fans, rest assured, we anticipate gigs in Manchester, Stockport, Leeds, Barnsley, London, Sheffield and Birmingham at the rate we are going. If you happen to be one of our myspace friends who lives in any of the aforementioned towns (or nearby) tell your friends to get ready to rock and roll. We are bringing the new West Coast thang to the UK! And it's slammin!!

Thanks to everyone who has sent us positive feedback regarding our new front page photo. It will also adorn the special limited edition UK Tour reprint of our EP. There will be bonus tracks on the disc, along with the new packaging. The "new" cd's will be available at all shows in the UK.

Bry was over tonight and we spruced up the vocals on a couple of the songs for Friday's set. Don't forget to RSVP via the RHS Evite or e-mail me. Get your name on the discount list and get in for less. We will be passing the hat to help us cover expenses for the upcoming tour, so don't be surprised when you get the opportunity to assist. This weekend, we will be launching our drive to raise money, complete with fun premiums for your donations. All in the name of spreading the gospel of Rush Hour Soul to Europe. It's about love and music, y'all. Thanks in advance for helping the cause!

Love, Power, Peace

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Hey Soul Mates,
it's been a long day. Managed to see about an hour of the Oscars. That was enough. Got to see the Three 6 Mafia win an Academy Award. Whoop Whoop. I'm sure my Dad was thrilled Bob Altman received an honorary Oscar. That's one of Dad's favorite directors (my Dad has a role in "The Gingerbread Man" and has always had glowing things to say about Altman); plus I like "M*A*S*H*."

We had a really good rehearsal this afternoon. Worked on our harmonies for the second day in a row. Takes a lot of concentration to get everyone attuned to singing harmonies where we might not have in the past. The results are encouraging. I know I need to work a little more on our Beatles cover for Friday.

The band took advantage of beautiful weather here in L.A. today and had a photo shoot this afternoon. Yesterday, I noticed a new bike path being built along Chandler St., NoHo, where there are some great murals on the adjacent warehouses. A combination of vibrant Crayola colored paintings, construction and sunshine. The first result is the new welcome page at
Rush Hour or maybe you've seen it as our MySpace avatar. Of course, I mention all the color and the first pic is grayscaled. Ha Ha. Somehow B&W worked for that particular shot. There are even more (maybe, better) pictures to come. Special thanks to our photog, Patty Tokahuta for taking the time out on short notice to snap away.

Doug: hope the flight was uneventful. Your cowboy hat is dope.
Bry: the harmony arrangements are dope, too.

Have a good week everyone. We'll see you soon!
Love, Power, Peace

Thursday, March 02, 2006

We Saw Jules!

Hey Soul Mates,
pictures are up from our barnburner at Brennan's. Hope you will enjoy them. Bryan was particularly photogenic. There are a couple in which it looks like we are plotting. We are. It was a show for foxy people, for sure. Here's a blog exclusive, just for you gentle readers!

Bryan came over this evening and we worked on parts of three new songs. Watch out! You won't hear any of these before our April show. But I'll give you a taste of a couple of working titles: Next July and Roosevelt's Revue. One's a ballad; the other is an uptempo funk-pop cut. Guess which is which.

Ok, so we went down to the Gig to catch our peers in action: Pillow Of Wrongness and People. Both put on rocking sets. I had to commend Russell from POW for incorporating keyboards and having a knockout lineup. One of their songs, Fake My Death, is "one I wish I had written." Very good and it's available on their latest disc. People just flat out rocked in their glam way.

On the way home, we drove past the old Chaplin/A&M/Muppet studios on La Brea. There was a huge line of cars out front. We realized it was valet returning for an Oscar pre-party. Red carpet, paparazzi, lights. At the same time, Bryan and I said "Sam Jackson!" Sure enough, there he was decked out in white, including his (recent) trademark kangol. As Bry remarked, "that's a cool star sighting." You'd dig it the most.

Have a great Friday. It's the weekend! But we'll be busy with rehearsal, a special appearance at a friend's birthday party, and more prep for our trip to the UK.
Plan on seeing us next Friday at the Good Hurt if you are in Los Angeles.
Love, Power, Peace