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God Only Knows

Hey Soul Mates, last night, I went to the opening of this year's IPO LA. Saw an old friend, Steve Bertrand (formerly of the Tories) who did some fantastic new tunes from his recently released solo disc. Following him was a raucous L.A. band called the Procession , who were wild to behold. After them, came Carnie Wilson (yep, that Carnie Wilson from Wilson Phillips). She has a heavenly voice, must be the genes! She did God Only Knows and Sail On, Sailor (two of my favorite Beach Boys songs) in her set. Simpsons' mania is gripping the nation, so I thought I'd get gripped. Here's yours truly, Simpsonized. Go Brownies! That's my own personal touch, since training camp started yesterday. Gotta run. Have a great weekend, all. Love, Power, Peace

One Ringy-Dingy

Hey Soul Mates, wow, what a week. Our album is near completion. The mastering is almost finished. What I can announce is the release of our RINGTONE! That's right, you can have A Talent For Loving blast from your mobile every time destiny calls... or anyone else for that matter. Just click the icon above! This will definitely work for US carriers, international fans check the small print. The ringtone is only $1.99, standard text messaging rates apply and all that fun stuff. Details can be found on the MyxerTone site. My suggestion, get the tone then have the friend standing next to you call you and dance to the music. Answering the phone is optional. Looks like Fall Out will be our free single on MySpace next week, unless there is a major turn of events. Reminder: we are 8 days away from our return to the live stage. However, there was a brief appearance by RHS down at the Shore, Hermosa Beach on Tuesday. We played with the house band and performed Everyone's Ingenue and ou

Bastille Day, Perfect For News

Bon jour, Soul Mates, hope it's been a great week for all of you. Here's the latest going on with Rush Hour Soul. In the past week, we've made over a hundred new friends in the UK on MySpace . We couldn't be more pleased. We hope to be at 3000 dedicated friends by the release of our free download. A lot of you have been enjoying our latest video addition to YouTube . It's us performing Bad Penny Blues at the now defunct Bar120 in Huddersfield. Many of our fans from Hudds can be seen dancing to the sunshine funk. Several of you have mentioned the ringtones to me. Well, A Talent For Loving is being remixed in York, as I type. Once we get the new mix, we will launch our ringtones . The work should be done by Monday as that is the day we are expected to deliver our masters to the mastering house! Tomorrow, we begin rehearsals for our show on August 4. We will start the day with our first official photo shoot in a year. So it will be a busy day for your RHS . In per

OurStage: Update For A Slow News Day

Hey Soul Mates, so much to report on a Friday. Usually a slow news day. Here's the scoop. RHS is currently appearing in the OurStage music contest. We go head-to-head with other songs in a contest featuring cash prizes. Yow! Just one more way to get our music heard and build the bank for our return to the UK. OK, you may have read it on our myspace and it sounds too good to be true? NO! RHS RINGTONES are coming to your phone this month. YES! Once we get the mastering finished for the LP (next week), we will begin unleashing supersoul ringtones for your cellphone. So get it charged up! Only in America? We hope it's global. Finally, we are close to announcing a release date and show to coincide with the release of our debut CD. Don't forget that tickets are still available on TicketWeb for our show on August 4. Have a great weekend. Love, Power, Peace

For Our Mailing List

To be delivered today to our mailing list... Hey Soul Mates, Happy 4 th of July Week. Hope you are getting your independence on. Just in time for the fireworks, we've got some big news. It's been half a year since last we took the stage. In one month, we'll be back to entertain you in person. International Pop Overthrow Los Angeles is presenting us at the Knitting Factory's AlterKnit Lounge. This is an all ages show on Saturday August 4. We take the stage at 9 PM. But here's the rub. This is going to be a massive show and the capacity for the Lounge is only 100. We highly recommend getting tickets in advance! And get there early to get close to the stage. For ticket info visit TicketWeb . Once more: RUSH HOUR SOUL 9 PM, SAT. AUG. 4 at the Knitting Factory's AlterKnit Lounge 7021 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles , CA 90028 323-463-0204 ALL AGES Tickets are $10 Parking available underground Visit the venue website for directions to the Knitting Factory . The

New Music Tuesday Arrives A Few Hours Early

Hey Soul Mates, it's done and it's on. Since it's already Tuesday in Great Britain, we have to get this party started. For those of you who are also friends on MySpace , run don't walk your mouse to our page. We've posted song samples for three of our new tracks: Fall Out, U Had The $ and Everything My Heart Desires . Visit the page and listen. Then, leave a comment to vote for your favorite. The song with the most comments by July 31 will be made available as a free download on August 1. Just in time for our next show on August 4. We especially want to hear from our fans in the UK. We miss you and we know you've been clamoring for the music. Did any of you watch the Concert For Diana? Pretty great stuff. Who knew P. Diddy would give one of the most tasteful performances of the night? He represented America quite well. His Q&A was spot on, too. We were also thrilled that our peers Orson made it on the bill. Bravo, fellas. And it's always fun to see Dura

Our MySpace Secret Revealed

Hey Soul Mates, as many of you may know from visiting our Myspace page, the band has something up their sleeves to announce on Tuesday. I'll give you the scoop here: it involves our new self-titled album. We are going to let you, our fans, vote for a track that we will then give away on Myspace. There will be three song samples to choose from and voting will last for 3 weeks; so get ready. This is very exciting for us as we haven't had new studio music available in almost a year. And we certainly hope that you are excited about it too. You'll be able to download the track and play it to your heart's content on your computer, iPod, whateva. In other music news, A Talent For Loving will be remixed for the album. And we thought the original version was great. But co-producer Jim Rix told us he wanted to squeeze some more sound out of it. Rock on, Sunny Jim! Don't forget, we are only a month away now from the re-emergence of RHS on the live scene. We'll be playing