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Rebound Turns One Year

I'm thrilled to be around to announce that On The Rebound is one year old. It was officially released on  October 2, 2012. I am very proud of the work that I did with a stellar grip and group of musicians to create such a great album LP. I'm listening to it all over again, as I write. So many great memories of the sessions to get the tracks down at Karma Frog in Reseda with my mentor and good friend Adam Marsland at the helm. Hopefully, the audience for the album will continue to grow in time. You never know when or how music will expand its reach. I am always discovering new records from 40 years ago, Deceptive Bends from 10cc being the latest. Just this past week, I learned that She's My Go-To & So Sophisticated were placed in the background of an episode of ABC's since-canceled Happy Endings back in January. Life is odd that way. I am two months past my stroke and I continue to heal. I'm trying to remember to practice guitar on a daily basis: scales, s