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Late Nights In L.A.

Whew, like John Lennon said: I'm so tired. But I've never been better! It's been a Hard Day's Week. The return however is worth it. Lots of OT at the studio. Walked past Jack Black on lunch. Hardly recognized him with blond hair. Some of you may know via myspace that my producer Adam Marsland has been nominated in half a dozen categories for Grammy nominations. It's the step before the actually announced Nominations. I'm really happy for him. His LP, Long Promised Road: Songs of Carl & Dennis Wilson Live is impressive. It's actually credited to Adam Marsland's Chaos Band, so if you are a NARAS voter, consider them (and Dennis Wilson) in all applicable categories. Sleep (or nap) beckons. Peace & Disco Beats

And The Nominees May Be...

Wait til next year! For my tour. And the Tribe. Oh well. I've been working overtime and lots of it getting the CD ready for pressing. I'm almost satisfied with the artwork. Simplify has become my mantra. The mailman brought my Grammy nomination ballot. There are a gazillion nominees to choose from in each category. I've narrowed my choices for album of the year and record of the year. I've been gushing to anyone who'll listen about my favorite discs for the past 10 months. It's been a great year for music. This is still the nominating phase. Pick 5 to move on in the category. Once again though, I'm having trouble with song of the year and the whole R&B field. I'm proud to be a voting member, don't get me wrong. I take it quite seriously. Maybe too much, my friend Dr Rahuna would say. OK here's today's laugh till your sides hurt then laugh some more link, courtesy of Dr Rahuna . It's got to do with Halloween and those nutty Germans. R

Cleveland Rocks(Well)

Oh, Holy Night! Zingy! Zingy! Ova- dey ! Cleveland is on the verge of playing for it's second pro title of the year. The Cavs were just too young and overwhelmed. They gave it their best. In no small part due to LeBron . But I must say, Bron, you should have bought an Indians cap. Because, the Plum City's Champs are going to be your next door neighbors from the Jake! I am Chief Wahoo ! Note the resemblance between yours truly and the Indians' mascot. I always have. It's the nose... and the hair... and the big teeth. Anyone who is offended by that logo has to go through me. I bought this new cap today. My Joe Charboneau vintage hat from 1981 is about to bite the dust and I no longer want to wear it in public. I wore it last Sunday, then retired it. Maybe I should send it to Bron. Ha ha. The Cleveland Indians are the shiz ! And behind big old C.C. tomorrow they advance to the World Series. The Indians haven't won a Series since the Truman administration. That's

Artist In Bloom: The Pop Garden Interview (Oct 13)

Hey All, I'm back from Florida. The sunshine state was great for the weekend. Lots of sun and good times with all my cousins and grandmother. Only got into the ocean once, the sea was kind of rough. Of course, it was a good weekend for Cleveland. Being in Fla, I got to watch the Browns beat the Dolphins on TV . Oceanside, no less. It's the American way, I told my cousin Pete, watching sports while on vacation at the beach. Ha ha. At least we were grilling by the late afternoon. While I was in Melbourne, I dropped by WMEL for a guest spot on Pop Garden Radio, Saturday. The entire Pop Garden Radio podcast is up and available at . There are three segments to listen to. Originally, I was going to go in for the first hour of the show, but wound up previewing the entire LP and chatting at length with Adam Waltemire . I hope you all enjoy it. It was fun being in the studio. We discussed the process of making "A Talent For Loving," working

Pop Garden Radio Announcement

Hey All, Exciting news. I am scheduled to appear on-air with host Adam Waltemire on Pop Garden Radio ( WMEL ) this Saturday night, Oct. 13 . The show originates from Florida and begins at 10 pm EST. I will be on in the first hour. Adam and I will be discussing music and giving world radio premieres to tracks from A Talent For Loving . This will be my second time on the show and I'm even more excited this go round. For those of you who don't stay up late, Pop Garden Radio is available as a podcast . I hope you will all tune in for the program in real time or in pod time. Peace & Disco Beats

Git Laughs

Well, the Browns weren't embarrassed too badly today. Almost beat the spread against the Pats. Just waiting for the Tribe game to begin. And napping. Been pulling lots of OT to get the record finished and pressed. But it's worth it. Forgot to write about this earlier in the week, but on Tuesday night I went to the Groundlings in Hollywood for comedy. It was a showcase for the characters of Jeremy Rowley called Inland Empire . He's a very funny dude and his best personae are just twisted. Being a Groundlings show he was aided and abetted by two of my favorite cast members: Jordan Black and Tim Brennen . The show was brief, about 40 minutes, but perfect in that hit & run sketch style. Love that improv, too. The ghetto PBS spoof "Git Lernt" was riotous; I'm always pleased when my suggestions are pulled for a routine. Mr. Rowley and Mr. Black ran with "The Private Life of William Howard Taft." My favorite improved line about the obese president: &

Indian Fever!

Be a believer. Fellow Clevelanders, check out this trip down memory lane, circa 1980. Indian Fever (right click to save, link courtesy Minn Star Trib). Download and enjoy as the Indians dismantle the damn Yankees! Go Tribe! Peace & Disco Beats

Rush Hour Solo

Hey Soul Mates, it's official. I am going solo with the new LP and I want to take a moment to thank my brothers-in-arms. Bryan and Doug, you will always be my brothers and I will always cherish the music we made together. I wish you both the best in life, always. OK, time to ramp this all up! Not wrap it up. The CD is on the way. The backing band is being formulated. The whole enchilada is gonna make you groove. Got lots to do! New changes have been made to the myspace page with more to come. I hope that you will all continue to support what I do and enjoy the entertainment I desire to bring to you. xx Peace and Disco Beats!