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Pretty Sophisticated Pictures

In a word: COLD! In another word: FRESH! The preliminary results of the photo session are just that. I have just unpacked all of my clothes after returning home from the afternoon/evening photo shoot for my album cover. Adam Hendershott and his team were fantastic. I have the highest regard for the Hendershott's work, so check them out. We shot most of the session in their studio before venturing into the NOHO Arts district to represent. A nice winter day here in Southern California. A perfect sunset, too. Artist Vio Meyners did my hair and makeup. I will tell you this, never again will I do an album cover without the benefit of hair and makeup. Viva Vio! She has already posted a photo taken by Adam that I said could be a still from a lost Alfred Hitchcock technicolor thriller. She's the Kim Novak femme fatale applying "makeup." I'm the unsuspecting Gregory Peck fall guy in over his head. There are so many cool photos to select from. Some really different moods