Friday, November 30, 2007

Ready For December

Hey All.
Hope that you truly enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I know I did. Spent it with family and the dogs. Sublime.

As I get older, I realize I like Christmas season more and more. And I don't care how early it comes. It's true that the spirit should be with us all year. Even if the carols aren't. Actually the carols are one of my favorite aspects of celebrating, even in November. It's the novelty songs that grind a little. Sunday, we'll be going to get our tree. At least we waited til December for that, you say. I had a great time at Disneyland this week with my dears Patty and Chervet. The place was decked to the halls. And it was actually revitalizing. I'll get a pic or two up in a longer edit of this blog soon.

I've been pressing forward with booking my tour of the UK. So far several shows have been slated including stops in London, of course, Barnsley and Manchester. With more to come. I'll announce venues and more details when the time is right.

The CDs are in production. Hit a snag with the artwork for the posters however. But CDs are on track for December 18 as promised. On MySpace, I've reached 3000 friends. Which is nice to have that many people visit my page. Many of them/you have already expressed eagerness to see me on tour! Plus, "A Talent For Loving" surpassed 8000 plays on the MySpace jukebox and "Fall Out" will breach 2000 later today, I 'spect.

I had a chance to see two musical movies this week. Disney's Disney spoof "Enchanted," which was snarky and sweet. I certainly laughed more than the kids in the audience. We also saw the Dylan biopic "
I'm Not There." Wild, man. Cate Blanchett and Christian Bale's performances as Dylanesque characters were stunning. The whole thing is a bit of a riddle, but worth the 2+ hours of visual references to Bob's lyrics, stylistic cinematic turns (Cate Blanchett's character Jude is basically Dylan in Fellini's "8 1/2." What a concept!) and excellent performances all around.

Gotta jet. But keep the faith!
I'm thankful for all of you. Especially if you're reading this!

Peace & Disco Beats

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thankful and Thoughtful

It's Thanksgiving Eve!
I'm so thankful for having all of you who pay attention to what I do. Y'all bless me by listening to my music and supporting my art.

It's been a big week. The CD went to Discmakers a week ago. Production has begun, as mentioned in my previous blog. The street date for the CD is December 18. Just one week before Christmas.

I'm in the process of booking my new tour of the UK as well. I'm excited to bring my music to new cities (Nottingham, Stockport, Leeds) and venues along with the markets that embraced me back in 2006 (like Barnsley, Huddersfield, London and Sheffield)! The dates will all be in March now, due to the lateness of the CDs arrival. I really need three months' lead time to seriously promote the shows and the album from 5000 miles away. But this tour's gonna be way bigger than the previous. It must do. There's more on the line and more entertaining to be done!

I'm also hoping to hook up for some of these dates with my favorite UK based bands including SUPERfreak, the
Foxes, the Centeenials, Dirty Fakirs and a group I've blogged about before, the Lightyears. Check them out. And if you are a member of, please vote for the Lightyears to come to L.A. in the NME Breaking Bands competition.

Time to tend to the greens I have cooking for tomorrow's food extravaganza. Mmm. I smell cornbread!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace & Disco Beats and Cranberry Sauce

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

LP Artwork Completed. Disc Drops For Cmas

Hey Y'all,
The new LP artwork is done. And "A Talent For Loving" is on it's way. Finally. I'm over the hump. The disc went to the manufacturer today and I have a tentative street date of Dec. 18. That's right. Santa be bringing the Sunshine Funk from LA via the North Pole to You!! Check out the album cover.

Photo by BREADANDSHUTTER. You like it? You love it? It's kind of an homage to Soul Brother #1. A classic performance shot. Ow! Feeling me? I feel good!

This project began in earnest on January 1 of this year when I had a sit down with producer Adam Marsland. And now the album has gone to press. I'm thrilled that phase one is done. Now all that's left is to boogie across the pond and bring y'all the music... L.I.V.E!

Internet download services will make the album available in the early part of 2008. But the CD will be up on
DigStation before the Holidays hit. The disc will be $9.99 or 99 cents per track. So it you like to buy downloads, that's like getting the 11th cut for free! Who doesn't like "free?" DigStation will also make the artwork available, so you can see it full size. Of course, you'll be able to buy the CD directly from me and CDBaby. More details will follow.

Peace & Disco Beats

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nothing Could Be Finer

I'm just back from North Carolina. Great weekend getaway trip.

It was a brilliant Charlotte weekend. Cool, crisp air. Leaves doing their autumnal thing. I was there to hang with friends and specifically to see my friend Soontaree (yes, the cancer survivor) perform. She is a member of the
TopCats, the Carolina Panthers cheerleading squad. And she rocks. She was this week's spotlight cheerleader on the Panthers website and in the souvenir program. I've always enjoyed watching friends do their thing, but this was particularly sweet. It's amazing and inspiring to see Soontaree getting the maximum out of life! Go on, girl!

The game was a wash, although our endzone seats meant we saw all of scoring (Thanks, Soontaree). And we got to see Soontaree cheer and dance her butt off! But the Panthers, led by Vinny Testaverde, were beaten at home by the lowlier Atlanta Falcons, 13-20. It was cool to see the ancient Morten Anderson kick for the Falcons. Saw him as a tot back at Michigan State games with my Dad. Of course, I had to rep the team colors.

Being Veteran's Day, the Panthers honored two Congressional Medal Of Honor winners. Wow. One from Vietnam, the other fought in the Battle of the Bulge. They also honored two members of the Tuskeegee Airmen. As we were waiting for Soontaree to exit the stadium, I had a chance to wave to the Airmen as they left and shout "thank you." They both looked so thrilled to be recognized. I got chills.

Back to work.
Peace & Disco Beats

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

John & Johnny. A New Discovery Along With My Latest 2 Cents About Prince

Spent part of the afternoon down at Amoeba records. Picked up a sublime disc simply called John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman. The DJs on 88.1 KJAZZ had been talking about it all week long and I had downloaded a Trane podcast that had glowing things to say about the album. My Dad (a true Jazz aficianado) says, Hartman had the best male voice of all the jazz singers, surpassing even Billy Eckstine. It's a mellow album. Coltrane is blowing smooth and pianist McCoy Tyner is on point in accompanying Hartman's baritone vocals. Their version of "Lush Life" is in the Grammy Hall Of Fame. Highest recommendation. I told my Dad, since I'm not versed in standards, it was fun to hear the lyrics to these numbers. Just the age we live in. These songs are ancient by pop standards, but timeless in their presentation. A great disc to unwind with.

I'm still waiting for 90 minutes to watch the remastered DVD of HELP! All of the Beatles' movies are favorites of mine. And this one has been begging for a redo. The color on the original DVD was fairly washed out and of course it didn't boast a 5.1 soundtrack.

The artwork for my album is done! The CD will be delivered to the manufacturer on Weds of next week. Due to the holidays, the CD release date has been pushed back to Mid-December. It will still arrive in time for your Christmas/Hannukah shopping needs.

My team and I personally have begun booking the tour dates for the UK in Feb/March. I can't wait to see all of your smiling faces in Britain. It's gonna be a funky good time, as James used to say. It will be sunshine funk coming to you in midwinter. What better way to escape the cold than to heat up a dance floor!?

Shame about what's going on with Prince requiring fan sites to cease and desist. That's silly. You can't possibly hope to control your image 100% and keep 100% of your fans. These online fan sites, that don't traffic in bootlegs, etc. are the modern version of scrap books. The future is here and note to self: never sue your fans... or threaten to sue your fans... or make overtures that you might sue your fans. Unless you don't want the fans. And Prince fans have been through a lot of public humiliation. I know I was publicly chided during the whole 0+> and "slave" phase. That's a whole lot of thanks for people who buy yer wrekas.

Off my soapbox and into bed.
Peace & Disco Beats

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Off The Wall

That's what's playing right now as I work on the art for the CD. The photo art from the UK arrived yesterday, courtesy of BREADANDSHUTTER.COM. Thanks, Barry. You rock and so does the picture. So I'm diligently pressing forward through fatigue and getting the graphics sorted.

I'm listening to Off The Wall, one of the creamiest albums of all time because I'm going to a
Grammy Event tonight. Quincy Jones is the guest of honor at a signing for the release of David Wild's new coffee table book "And The GRAMMY Goes To..." I've never met Mr. Jones before and the prospect is pretty exciting. He's produced so many tremendous and influential artists. Mike being number 1.

Back to work!
Peace & Disco Beats