Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dog Day Week

Hey Soul Mates,
hope you are all feeling the cooling trend this weekend. It was almost too hot & humid for L.A. to take. We have been busy preparing for our show at BB King's. Sounds like a lot of you are planning on attending. That's what we like to hear. It'll be even better to see you in the flesh. We are going to play our hottest songs and coolest jams, so come on down. Make a night of it. BB's makes some mean BBQ. Of course, they have a real dance floor, so wear some good shoes. We want to see some moves! Oh and fellas, you all were heavily out-numbered by the ladies last time. Hm-Hmmmm. But to quote James, "I Don't Mind."

As for the music, we will be debuting our new greasy slice of RHS called "U had the $." It's about a sweet girl we all know. Or is it? We'll be doing your favorite sing-a-longs, too. Thanks to Patrick Kershaw, I have seen the video of our show at the Good Hurt. Wow. That was a fun gig. When it comes time for the chorus on a couple of songs, you all are louder than the band. That's HOT! Needless to say that's the way we want the shows to be from now on.

All right, I gotta put down the computer and pick up the bass. This new one has a wicked bassline I have to sing with.

Love, Power, Peace & A/C

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Mixing Is Completed, Demo Almost Done

Hey Soul Mates.
Today was a big day in RHS history. We finished mixing our new demos. All 3 songs were completed this afternoon down in Santa Monica. We got to beat the heat for a few hours, too. (Special thanks to Chris H on the big board.) You will get to hear the songs very soon; even sooner if you come to the next show. We have already fast-tracked the rough versions to our new industry contact who is a major record producer. The new recordings will be making their way to you in the coming weeks. We still have one more step, mastering, to complete the project. These are very exciting times.

If you are a member of the Soul Mates, watch your e-mail for the Evite for the BB King's show. (Out-of-town members, we have to limit the number of invitations to local addresses. But, thank you for your unending support. We hope to get this show out on the road to your state very soon!) BB King's is a really sweet venue. I mentioned this in my blog on his birthday, but I saw Prince play there in 2003. In fact, I stood next to Morris Day the whole time. BB's is no joke! This is a great opportunity for you to see us in a super setting. It's also a chance for us to prove that we can open for national acts that roll through BB King's. But we need your support.

Please be sure to RSVP, even if you are not attending for some inexplicable reason. And forward the Evite to your friends... the ones you know can get dressed to impress. We are hoping to have some heavy hitters from the music industry at BB King's. You need to come and party with us. That's right!


Thanks to you all for your loyalty and love. The last show was such a hit and it was great to see a lot of new faces, too. Hands down we have the most beautiful fans in LA (Other bands, don't hate them 'cause they'
re beautiful)!

Love, Power, Peace

Friday, July 22, 2005

A Picture Tells A 1000 Stories In The Land Of A 1000 Dances

Hey Soul Mates,
that's one fonky kid getting dooooown with the W. I believe it was George Clinton who once said "Let's paint the White House Black." With Jackie Roberts, III, George's prophecy comes true. Welcome to Chocolate City.

In RHS news, we are going to bring our full-tilt show to the BB King's Blues Club on Universal Citywalk. This is our official show announcement. RHS at BB King's Friday August 5 at 9:30 pm. You can almost hear W uttering the words "Rush Hour Soul will put ants in your pants!" And little Jackie says "It's like thatchy'all! It's like thatchy'all! Like tha-tha-tha-that, it's like thatchy'all!"

Love, Power, Peace

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Bros.

Hey Soul Mates,
just giving a shout to my older brothers, Nathan & Herb, who are celebrating their birthdays today. I love you both and think the world of you guys. Thanks for the constant support and encouragement. For me, one of the neatest things about my big brothers is that they have shared music they heard first. I have my own taste in music, but what they like certainly has informed & accelerated it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brothers! I hope that this is a fun, relaxing day for both of you.

Hope to see you both very soon.

Love, Power, Peace

Monday, July 18, 2005

My Mid-Year Music Report

Hey Soul Mates.
Yes, it's a slightly pretentious headline tonight. I was thinking about what records released this year (and the very end of '04) have jazzed me the most. There are a few out that I think could be a part of my year end top 10. So what are they? In semi-chronological order...

John Legend "Get Lifted" This is a wonderful trad R&B song cycle about relationships. The Kanye West protege is gifted with melodies. The album runs about 4 cuts too long. But the first 8 tracks are super. Highlights are the stark "Ordinary People" and the bouncy "Number One" built on the Staple Singers' "Let's Do It Again."

White Stripes "Get Behind Me Satan" Jack & Meg White outdo themselves on this very scary CD. The songs rock when they need to and haunt when they want. It's a ghost story about lost love (another song cycle, of sorts). My favorite tracks here are the glam stomping "Blue Orchid," the tongue-twisty "My Doorbell," and the celebrity sighting "Take, Take, Take" told from the fan's point of view. This should be a shoo-in for album of the year noms.

Mariah Carey "Emancipation of Mimi" Don't call it a comeback. Call it vengeance is a dish best served with 4 #1 singles. Yup, I'm calling it right now. This album will have a minimum of four number one hits. I'm a sucker for the Neptunes' beats, but "Say Something" featuring Snoop Dogg, is their smoothest since their collabos with JT. Go Mariah, it's yo birthday! Mimi herself is in great form on the whole CD. Fun dance tracks surrounded by the best in contemporary ballads.

All 3 of these come well recommended by yours truly. The Stripes is an acquired taste, but any one into solid pop music can't go wrong with the other two. What else? I really like the singles from fellow Hoya, Amerie's disc, so I'll give that a spin. The new Oasis is their best in about 8 years. Slowly, I'm working to a top 10. My listening usually includes a heavy dose of "catalog" records. Basically, oldies. Currently, I'm playing a lot of Chic, Culture Club and Michael. Had Luther on tonight; Billie Holiday last night.

Listen well and enjoy. Of course, the new Rush Hour Soul disc will be record of the year.

Love, Power, Peace

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Photos Galore

Hey Soul Mates,
all right. The newest photos from the Good Hurt have been posted in our on-line album. There are a lot of great shots. The most amazing thing is seeing what the club looks like when the flash blasts. That is a dark, deep red joint without it. I think we look pretty good. You fans look great too. This time around we have a number of pictures of the Soul Mates at the show. See if you spot yourself. Hey!!

Bry and myself tuning before the show.

As a bonus, I reformatted the pictures and added a dozen from the June Gig show. Much improved. Oh weee, you can see the sweat. We do want to be the hardest working band in Hollywood. We are more visible in these, since we wore darker colors. It took some work and a little help from Dr. Rahuna, but I think all of our gallery selections will be improved from now on.

Rehearsal tonight was pretty informal. Tossing some new ideas around and working on some parts that needed it. As usual, I'm thankful for my bandmates. I heard what some of the other groups were doing in the adjacent studios... uh-uhn. Not good at all. Lots of aggressive, dark music and unison singing. And cover bands. Rush Hour Soul is where it's at. Props to Bry and Dog.

Love, Power, Peace to you all.
Now go check out the photos.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Let Your Soul Glow

Hey Soul Mates,
I'm working diligently to get the pictures up from the show. It's fairly time-intensive and there are so many great shots. Including some of the Soul Mates in attendance! I have seen just a snippet of the performance on video. But it's slammin', in case you weren't there! We will try to get some live video from the show on the website, too.

As you saw in the set list, we played some hot music. The ladies all sang along to the chorus on Done Lost My Mind. We dedicated our finale Everyone's Ingenue to our MySpace fans, esp. those out-of-state. We played Bad Penny for the first time in this incarnation and threw a little Busta Rhymes in the mix. The newest songs Everything My Heart Desires and Down By Love seem to be gaining momentum in the set. For the next show we will be adding at least one new uptempo tune. So get ready to dance some more. Yowza, Yowza, Yowza. The fans, you all looked great. And we looked real swell in our blue, black & silver.

Thanks for all the kind words folks are saying on MySpace. We really enjoy playing for you. It is our passion and our pleasure. Ain't no party like a Rush Hour Soul party.

Some people seem to be confused by the Evites that we send out. Not all RHS shows involve a special occasion or a birthday. The Evite is the way we let you know about every show. Make sure you don't have your spam filter set too high or you won't get the Evites, even when you've signed up for Soul Mate e-mails. This weekend we are getting the calendar together for upcoming shows. We have one in the books already, but I'll get you the full details as they come in.

Remember when it comes to our shows: (Props to Kurt L.) Just let your
Soooooooooooooul Glow!

Love, Power, Peace

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hurt So Good: Show Recap Pt.1

Hey Soul Mates,
5 words to describe last night's show: Blistering, Blazing, Sexy, Hysterical & Fun.
More this evening. For now, here's your set list:

Fall Out
Down By Love
Everything My Heart Desires
Bad Penny Blues/Whoo-Ha (Got You All In Check)
Talent For Loving
Done Lost My Mind
Hold On, I'm Comin'!
Love Someone
Everyone's Ingenue

Love, Power, Peace

p.s. Happy Birthday to my favorite actor, Harrison Ford. May the Force be with you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tonight Y'all/Down By Love

Hey Soul Mates,
it's showtime. Tonight we are going live at the
Club Good Hurt. I hope to see all of you there, even if it's just your vibe and spirit filling the room long distance. We are very excited about tonight's set. There are going to be newer tunes and one old song that we are dusting off. Ha Ha. Oh, we are gonna look clean! Doing it up in silver, black & blue. Co-ordinate if you like.

To continue the series, here are the lyrics to Down By Love.

You swore a million times today
That you wouldn’t ever sway
You would never drop your guard.
Then I saw you walking by
All the tears that’s in your eyes
Really aren’t your calling card.
Only you can solve your doubt
But I’d like to help you work it out.

Could you be more torn apart?
Baby, open up your heart
You’re Down By Love
You could get what you deserve
If you ever got the nerve
But you’re Down By Love

You don’t wanna choose again
You’ve been with too many men
Who have left you with the bill
Oh you shouldn’t be alone
I know you got a telephone
Call me if you want to chill
Only you can solve your doubt
But I’d like to help you work it out.

Could you be more torn apart?
Baby, open up your heart
You’re Down By Love
You could get what you deserve
If you ever got the nerve
But you’re Down By Love

You’re so down that you have lost your spirit
And feeling’s tossing you around
Shut the noise out baby then you’ll hear it
Call your spirit with a beautiful sound
You’re Down By Love
Down By
Down By Love
Down By (2x)

Copyright 2005 Rush Hour Soul (Kelsey) Mighty Ohio Music (BMI)

See you tonight, Boogie Chillun.
Whooo-Hah. Got you all in check.
Love, Power, Peace

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pretty Pictures Posted

Hey Soul Mates,
there a bevy of new pics of your Rush Hour Soul on There are also some exclusives for our MySpace page. These were shot up at Lake Hollywood in last month. Enjoy.
More pix and stuff to come. Gotta get the hair styled today.

Also, if you've received our evite for the show on Tuesday, be sure to RSVP. Even if you cannot make it or live out of town, we want to know how many people to anticipate. Plus, there are polls that need your responses. Thanks!

Hope you are having a great weekend. My Mom's off for Egypt. No kidding. Bon Voyage, Maman!

Love, Power, Peace

Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Talent For Loving

OK, Soul Mates,
by request here are the lyrics to A Talent For Loving. Now everyone can sing along! Oooh, Hotness.

I'm gonna be the real lover that you can't resist
Of all the kissers, baby I'll be topping your list
Brighter than the diamonds that are lighting your wrist
Well, you're my favorite reason that I've got to exist

I ain't got a Plan B y'all I ain't gonna fail
There's no future frontin like a typical male
Time to pull your hair back in a pony tail
It's about to get more humid than a Miami jail

Your royal hotness is second to nothing
I'm gonna show you pretty one
I got a talent for loving

(T.A.L.E.N.T.) I got a talent for loving

You come downtown baby when you get uptight
Always ring me up in the middle of the night
Sayin you need a dose of shining disco light
Well come and see about me and it'll be outtasight

Your royal hotness is second to nothing
I'm gonna show you pretty one I got a talent for loving

(T.A.L.E.N.T.) I got a talent for loving

Copyright 2005 Rush Hour Soul (Kelsey) Mighty Ohio Music (BMI)

Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Looks Good On You

Hey Soul Mates,
hope you are having a safe and relaxing 4th of July. Our friends on MySpace should be waking up to a Independence Day greeting.

We had a great rehearsal yesterday in the Valley heat. Thank goodness for A/C. We still made it hot. Got a funky new track we are working on and independence has got a lot to do with it. Gotta thank So. Fla & Chic, too... ha, ha.

Don't forget our next show is in one week. Oh, yeah, there will be indoor fireworks.

Love, Power, Peace

Sunday, July 03, 2005

My First Visit To The Musical Mecca

Hey Soul Mates,
5 years ago today, also a Sunday, I made my first trip to Mecca... the musical one: the
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum on the shore of Lake Erie. I hadn't been back to Cleveland in 11 years and in that time they had constructed a palace for pop music right next to the new Cleveland Browns stadium. I went with my oldest childhood friend, Pete, who had been before and knew the layout of the place. The Rock Hall is a beautiful glass pyramid that beckons with music and flash. Towering set pieces from U2's Zoo TV tour welcomed us.

We began by watching a short film called Mystery Train which tells a brief story of how Delta Blues and Hillbilly Country music were forged together to create Rock & Roll. The curator and staff are keen to make sure that the public recognizes Rock's ancestors and it's history. This is a musuem after all, but it's not static! As you begin your tour of the Rock Hall you see the faces of important blues and country artists. Folk singers, all. And everywhere, there is music. Music coming from monitors, headsets, displays. Music to discover. Music to remember. Non-stop.

The first floor of the Rock Hall is subterranean. It's main feature is a giant array of stage costumes. From Britney Spears to Elton John, from Sly Stone to Talking Heads, from the Glove to Sgt. Pepper uniforms, the outfits cover 50 years of outrageousness & extravagance. Then there are several displays dedicated to particular groups. Artifacts from the "real lives" and working lives of the Beatles, James Brown, the Who, Rolling Stones, Ramones, Aretha, Hendrix, & the Doors are highlights. There are displays that cover various musical movements & birthplaces: blues, punk, disco, soul, new wave, Detroit, Seattle, Liverpool, etc. On the upper floors there are temporary exhibits that cover particular artists; or rock journalists & photographers; fans; technology. As you go higher in the building, you reach the Hall of Fame itself. The HOF presentation features a film (updated every year to include the latest inductees) that highlights the career of every performer & non-performer entered. It's very poignant to see artists who have passed and electrifying to watch snippets of performances rarely aired.

That first day at the Rock Hall, I barely got half of it in. I had to go back the next day to pour over the more obscure objects and soak up the atmosphere. I'm a charter member of the museum and had been paying dues for 3 years before I even got a chance to go, so I was gonna get my money's worth! I flew out of Hopkins later that July 4th afternoon still wearing my neon pink Rock Hall entry wrist band. I have barely begun to describe what you can see when you visit. It's impact on me is immeasurable. John Lennon's glasses, the side of Otis Redding's private jet, Keith Moon's detonated drum kit, Jimi Hendrix's jackets, Sam Phillips' Sun Studio recording console, hand-written lyrics to Blitzkrieg Bop, Howlin' Wolf's briefcase... Just a taste.

I've been back to Cleveland twice since and to the Rock Hall a total of 3 more times. It's ever-changing exhibits and even the permanent ones leave me awestruck. The last time we went there was a
giant U2 exhibition, along with a new group display for Duran Duran and the music of Ohio. The year prior there was art by Ronnie Wood and 2 floors dedicated to John Lennon. So, if you find yourself in Northeastern Ohio anytime of year, for any reason, carve out a few hours to spend at the Rock Hall. You won't be dissappointed.

Love, Power, Peace and Rock & Roll.

p.s. Cleveland does actually rock!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8 pt. 2

Hey Soul Mates,
Live 8 is ON!!! Check your local listings. MTV is doing most of the domestic coverage in the States. I just downloaded Macca and U2 performing Sgt. Pepper. Wow. I've got chills.

I can remember where I was watching the first Live Aid: the Hotel Nikko in Paris. My first trip overseas. My Mom and I had spent the day traipsing around the Left Bank. Since the broadcast was in French it took us a little while to figure out what was on TV. I remember saying to my Mom, look at all these famous people performing. Then, I realized it was Live Aid (having bought the Charity single) and stayed up to watch the last 2 hours or so.

That was July 13, 1985. Almost 20 years ago. How appropriate that the first official Live 8 download was Macca's Beatle classic ("It was 20 years ago today..."). The track is amazing, of course. A must for McCartney or U2 fans, what are you waiting for?

The back kept me up most of the night, but I've got the adrenaline rushing. Jigga Man is on right now!
Love, Power, Peace

Friday, July 01, 2005

Never Too Much/Live 8

Hey Soul Mates,
today a true soul sensation, Luther Vandross, passed away. Oddly enough I was listening to Chic's greatest hits this morning especially Everybody Dance and Dance, Dance, Dance on which Luther sang lead. Of course, he's on one of the greatest tracks ever: Le Freak. Heard about his passing on the radio. I always marveled at hearing him sing backgrounds on David Bowie's Young Americans (the video footage of the performance is fun; young Luther among the leisure-suited backup singers). And then there were his own impressive chart singles: Never Too Much, Stop To Love, Here & Now. What an incomparable voice. What a chain of golden hits he leaves us.

[July 3. Just saw a BET special on Luther. He appeared on the very first episode of Sesame Street as a teenager. Go Luther!]

Switching gears,
Live 8 kicks off tomorrow. I know I will be tuning in. This is Bob Geldof's unofficial sequel to Live Aid. The series of concerts here and overseas is going to be massive. It's the music community's opening salvo for the G8 summit's participants to recognize the continuing plight of millions of Third World citizens. Live 8's goal is to move the G8 (Bush & Blair are attending) to cancel debts, double aid and create better trade agreements for these countries.

The shows will feature everyone from U2 to Jay-Z from Duran Duran to a reunited Pink Floyd; Mariah, Snoop, Macca, Stevie, REM, Coldplay... So much great music, plus downloads will be available to benefit the cause. It's not so much a fund raiser as Live Aid, but it's certainly worthy of our time, energy & resources. Rather than money, the organizers want to raise awareness and garner support from around the globe. Check out the website to see how you can help! I have signed the Live 8 List and will be adding my name and face to their campaign. I encourage you to do the same.

Let me tell you now, if there is a similar concert next year, I want to be a part of it. This time next year, I expect us to be in a position to contribute to the musical, world community on such a scale. Watch us.

All right everyone, I'll check in later this holiday weekend. Be safe and celebrate our independence well.
Love, Power, Peace