Sunday, January 29, 2006

Internationally Known

Hey Soul Mates,
big news is coming from Rush Hour Soul. This Memorial Day weekend we will make our international debut. Want a hint? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. The magnitude of the concerts is kind of wild to consider. Dates and times will be announced in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we have to make sure all our papers are in order. Are yours?

If you are one of our friends on MySpace, you can now add Everything My Heart Desires to your personal page. Represent! Now you can show your love for RHS 24/7 on-line. And best of all, it's still free.

And Gung Hay Fat Choy (Happy Chinese New Year)! It's the year of the dog... and the Year of RHS. We spent yesterday down in Chinatown. Even met the fortune teller, but I'm not telling what he said. I have to recommend the sponge cake at the big bakery in Chinatown. Very yummy. Yes, I said "yummy!"

Have a great week.
Love, Power, Peace

Thursday, January 26, 2006

How Will The Wolf Survive? Eat At Boomtown.

Hey Soul Mates,
I've returned from a visit to Florida. And you didn't even know I was gone. It was a really relaxing trip to see family. On the trip eastbound, Los Lobos were on board the plane. I immediately recognized them, while waiting to board in Ontario. No more LAX, if I can help it. And I highly recommend the Park 'n' Fly there. When we disembarked in Houston, I had a chance to meet the group. Cesar Rosas was particularly kind and he talked to me about their short visit to Texas for the weekend. They were scheduled to do some acoustic performances around Austin. He seemed surprised that someone should recognize them, but they do stand out. Los Lobos, while never a favorite, is still an inspiration. They struggled mightily to get their major-label deal. We haven't played any birthday parties or quincinieras. Most people only know them from La Bamba (which hit #1 in '87). Like that's a bad thing. Plus they've got Grammy hardware and that's never anything to scoff. The core of the group has played together since highschool; 30 years and counting. That's impressive.

Florida was entirely rejuvenating. Everything was done at a leisurely pace. Oh! I have to really recommend a restaurant for those of you visiting Jacksonville. It's called Boomtown in Hemming Plaza adjacent to the new public library. Go for the Boom-Booms, an appetizer made of honey soaked dough fried in curry powder. Zow. For dinner, I ordered the Cajun blackened honey tilapia. The name says it all. It's the second time I've been there and the food is always super; the chef fears no seasoning or spice! Boomtown's underground ambiance is singular for Jacksonville. Lots of folk art, local art and a small stage surrounded by comfortable couches. And the staff is engaging, all theatre-types... or at least theatrical.

After visiting my grandmother in Vero for a couple of days, I got to spend a day at my Mom's. My best friends from highschool, Mike and Mark came over for a brief visit. They are the my original band mates, and I love them. Before it was time to wing back to LA, I got to lounge in the old front yard and the overwhelming sensation was "timelessness." It could have been 1988. Certainly it was the same humidity.

Well, we did not get accepted to the SXSW music festival. It's a disappointment, but we soul-dier on (That's for Rocco in Chicago). I'm hoping to have some colossal news about Rush Hour Soul in a few days. So be ready for it! Any moment now, our new single will be available to add to MySpace pages. Per fan requests.
Have a great Wednesday, y'all.
Love, Power, Peace

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Popular Demand!

Hey Soul Mates,
thanks for downloading our new song. It does my heart good to know that more than 50 of you have downloaded the single in the first 48 hours it's been available. Be sure to send your friends our way. The more the merrier. We've heard from many of you that it's your new favorite song. How humbling. Your appreciation is overwhelming.

And clearly... (smile) the response to the cover has been positive. I'm amused by some of the ladies who are on the cover lamenting their picture choices after seeing some of the other girls. No, no. You are all perfect.

Thanks for the feedback on the website as well. I'm really thrilled that you all are digging it. It took about 14 hours of solid work over the weekend to modify it. Especially when I hear that people think its an improvement and simply more elegant, I like that. You are worth it! The comments you are leaving for us on MySpace and Next Big Hit really boost our "presence." What a great way to start 2006.

We sent out an Evite, if you received it but haven't opened it yet, it's details about the release. Not an actual event, per se, but I like Evite. There is a poll on it asking what live version you'd like to hear next from us. Be sure to tell us. Hopefully, we'll be back in the studio in the Spring and get a few more tracks out to you. Better yet, we are still working on playing out of town... maybe yours.

Love, Power, Peace

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Everything My Heart Desires

Hey Soul Mates,
the new website has launched, the single made its debut tonight and these are good things. Lots of relief and satisfaction getting all of this accomplished.

I need to thank several people. First, the Lady Soul Mates. Thanks for helping us out with the picture sleeve for the cybersingle. We were not even able to use all of the submissions. We hope that everyone will enjoy the cover. You all look great.

Second, a special thank you to DJ Copperhead who gave the single its world premiere on Next Big Hit. You can listen to the podcast and his introduction of the song, which is really cool.

Now, on to the single. Our early Valentine to you. Please visit our new-fangled website and download the single. All we ask is that you submit your e-mail address and you'll get access to the song. Once you've downloaded it, play it all the time. Wear it out. Put it on your MP3 player. Burn it to a CD. Enjoy it. We had fun performing it; we trust you'll like listening to it.

You'll have to forgive me, but its time to turn the website all the way on. Then turn in. It's been a long weekend putting all of this together. Let me know what you think of the updates. Tell us what you think of the song. There are several ways to do it: The Next Big Hit forum,
MySpace comments or simply post your review right here.

Love, Power, Peace and Everything Your Heart Desires.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Done & Done

Hey Soul Mates,
the transformation of our website is complete. The artwork for our new single is finished. I really hope that you'll enjoy all of the changes and the updates. And especially our new song. It's our Valentine to you.

Don't forget to tune into Next Big Hit tomorrow night (Monday) at Midnight EST/9 PM PST for the World Premiere of Everything My Heart Desires. Oh, and to whet your appetites, here's a sneak peak of the back cover of the single. If only we could press to vinyl!

The front cover (with the Soul Mates) will go live with the rest of the website onTuesday, after Next Big Hit airs. Are you as excited as I am?
Love, Power, Peace

Clocking Out For The Night

Hey Soul Mates,
it's been a very long day of working at the offices here at Rush Hour Soul. The website upgrades have taken some time and a lot of energy. But I've made great strides in preparing for the relaunch of Most of the pages have been completed. New graphics are nearly complete. The music is almost ready. The bios are just about the last thing left to do. And the picture sleeve for the new single looks downright elegant. You all are so much prettier than us.

If you visit right now, you'll get a glimpse of the fresh, elegant look we are donning for '06.

Like the man said:
Love, Power, Peace

Saturday, January 14, 2006

World Premiere Announcement

Good Morning, Soul Mates.
I'm just back in from my friend Micah's birthday party at the Continental on Wilshire. Nice joint. Chatted with our friend Dwayne, who is going to Torino/Turin for the Winter Olympics. Even though he is working the event, I would not mind trading places for a couple of weeks. I'm still hopeful that I'll get to go to the Games in Beijing in 2008. Of course, to rub it in, I saw several Apollo Anton Ono billboards on the drive home.

We got confirmation today that Everything My Heart Desires will have its World Premiere on the upcoming installment of Next Big Hit on Monday, Jan. 16 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day). The podcast is posted at 9 pm PST/Midnight, Eastern. We hope you'll all "tune in" to the show to hear our new song. We are thrilled to continue our association with Next Big Hit and give a shout out to DJ Copperhead for supporting our music.

On Tuesday at 1 pm EST, the song will be available for downloading via the newly unveiled Rush Hour The new version of the website will go live simultaneously with the airing of the podcast. Yes, synergy. I'm really excited about hearing what you think about our new single and getting your reactions to it and the revamped So be sure to chime in. Chime. Chime.

Time for bed.
Love, Power, Peace

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A World Premiere?

Hey Soul Mates,
right now, we are less than a week away from the release of our new single, Everything My Heart Desires. The picture sleeve is almost done. This is the final call, last chance for any of our ladies to submit their photo for it.

We have a World Premiere for the single in the works. The good people at Next Big Hit and RHS have been discussing airing the new song on their next podcast (Sunday, Jan. 15). It would not be a part of their "Click-To-Pick" contest, simply a bonus for the listeners... and you, our fans. Exciting?! We think so.

The redesigned is just a few days from launching as well. It's a sleeker, more elegant machine and should prove more navigable. Back to work.

Love, Power, Peace

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Oh, Pretty Women

Hey Soul Mates,
work has begun on the art for our new picture sleeve. Thanks to everyone who has submitted photos for the project. You ladies are beautiful. You are making us look so good! If you haven't sent in your photo yet, do it soon. The deadline is Friday (the 13th, gasp!). For complete details see my previous blog entry.

The recording really sounds great and we look forward to releasing it. Bryan was over the other night and we listened to it several times and discussed its potential. We are still trying to decide the best avenue for putting it out. Not all of you are on MySpace and not everyone has the capacity to download music. But, we'll have that all sorted out by the 17th.

Have a great week, all.

Love, Power, Peace

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hello, 2006

Hey Soul Mates,
I hope that all of you had a nice New Year's Eve & Day. We nearly washed downstream yesterday, but here I is. Sunday, a group of us went for a New Year's Day walk around Lake Hollywood. It was a perfectly overcast day. Perfect for walking several miles anyway. Thanks to all who made the journey.

Well, it's January and it's time to get in gear. As you may know, we are putting out a new single this month, entitled Everything My Heart Desires. Yes, it's a love song. We are looking forward to getting it to each of you. The performance was recorded live, no overdubs.

Most importantly... we need the help of our female fans. Granted, this will be a cyber-single, available on-line only, and it's going to be free. But, we still want it to be accompanied by a picture sleeve, in case any of you decide to burn it to disc, etc. For the single cover, we want as many of our lady Soul Mates to send in their favorite photo of themselves, preferably a head shot. [No nudes please, no matter how artistic.] The artwork will be a collage of your beautiful faces.

Please send your picture as an attachment to The picture should be no smaller than 1"x1", 72 dpi, in Jpeg or BMP form. The larger/higher quality the picture the better. We appreciate your participation. Hopefully at least 20 of you will want to help out. This should be fun and you may be on a record cover. How cool?

(Disclaimer, of course. By sending us this picture, you affirm that you own the copyright in said image and are free to donate it to us. You also grant us unlimited usage of the photo for promotional purposes on-line and in print with no expectation of compensation. As in, we can't pay you. But we certainly thank you. Sending in a photo is no guarantee that your image will appear on the sleeve. Oh, and please send it by Friday, Jan 13. Thanks!!)

Gotta get out into the California Sun.
Love, Power, Peace
And a happy, success-filled, healthy and prosperous New Year to you all.