Monday, March 31, 2014

Causing A Commotion - Creedence Style

Hold onto your Creedence 8-Tracks and fish your buffalo plaids out the swamp. I am returning to the studio.
I am thrilled that Pop Garden Records is curating a CCR tribute due in early 2015. And yes, I am going to be recording not just any track, but the title track, "Commotion." I have been CCR fan since childhood. They had one of the earliest TV spots for their 15 Greatest Hits on 2 LPs or 8-Tracks! I knew the hooks to a dozen CCR songs by the time I was 10. Can't say I knew the whole songs, but John Fogerty was always about the hook in 2:30 or less. My best friends and earliest bandmates in high school and I constantly sang "Proud Mary," "Down on the Corner" and "Bad Moon Rising."
This will be my first solo foray into the studio post-stroke. Perhaps you managed to get my secret Bee Gees tracks with Adam Marsland's Chaos Band on his SuperHits of the '70s comp. Yes, I will be teaming up again with my producer Adam Marsland to bring "Commotion" to life at Karma Frog. Already getting some arrangement ideas. 
In the meantime, head across Green River to facebook and dig the official Commotion - A Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival page. "Like" the page, get updates and be a part of the conversation. Stay tuned if you are a fan of that chooglin' boogie. Watch this space for recording and show updates this summer!