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Causing A Commotion - Creedence Style

Hold onto your Creedence 8-Tracks and fish your buffalo plaids out the swamp. I am returning to the studio. I am thrilled that Pop Garden Records is curating a CCR tribute due in early 2015. And yes, I am going to be recording not just any track, but the title track, "Commotion." I have been CCR fan since childhood. They had one of the earliest TV spots for their 15 Greatest Hits on 2 LPs or 8-Tracks! I knew the hooks to a dozen CCR songs by the time I was 10. Can't say I knew the whole songs, but John Fogerty was always about the hook in 2:30 or less. My best friends and earliest bandmates in high school and I constantly sang "Proud Mary," "Down on the Corner" and "Bad Moon Rising." This will be my first solo foray into the studio post-stroke. Perhaps you managed to get my secret Bee Gees tracks with Adam Marsland's Chaos Band on his SuperHits of the '70s comp. Yes, I will be teaming up again with my producer Adam Marsland to b