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Mixing It Up

Adam Marsland and I had a productive mixing session on Monday at the studio. We cranked through preliminary mixes for five of the new cuts on the album. This was mainly to mold the dough. We still have a few more sessions to add vocal filigree; percussion and lastly HORNS! I am very excited about our prospects for horn players. Two very respected men are on our sonar/radar for participating. Can't tell you yet, but suffice to say, they both appear on several of my favorite recordings from back in the day. The album is simmering, just got to get that extra spice in there. Been listening to plenty of new music as this week my preliminary Grammy ballot is due. The award categories were restructured so it feels there are fewer entries than in years past. Anyway, I have my favorites. Perhaps this will be the Beastie Boys' year. I picked up the new Tom Waits' LP, Bad As Me . Actually bought the vinyl version at Amoeba which included a copy of the CD. Smart marketing, the album in