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5 Towers Show Recap

Happy Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! What a way to ring in the holiday season with CityWalk's Holiday 2012 festivities. I had a blast last night performing for somewhere between 500 and 700 of my closest friends. The 5 Towers was ablaze with Christmas lights, 15 foot tall tin soldiers, giant gift boxes and THE INIMITABLES! I love my band (Kevin Jarvis, Evie Sands, Teresa Cowles & Adam Marsland). They were on point, even as temps dipped into the 50's; the crowd was equally energized and you all sang along beautifully. It's great to perform on CityWalk to see all of the different ages and faces that might not otherwise experience a club show. That aspect is really cool. Speaking of singing along; She's My Go-To continues to be a truly interactive joint. My favorite part of the show was digging into Your Majestic Rejection . If I could go back in time to be a part of a Motown Revue... I speak for the band when I tell you that the sound was dialed-in. No real surpris

Liverpool Sound & Vision Review of On The Rebound and More

It's the beginning of December and a big week here for me. I was feeling under the weather today. All this rain made it easy to nap this afternoon. That came in handy for being upright for a big Hollywood to-do tonight. Here's my news: 1. Check out the latest review of ON THE REBOUND from Liverpool Sound & Vision . It's no mistake that I have played as many shows in Liverpool the past 6 years as in Los Angeles. I left part of my heart Merseyside. 2. Please plan on joining me on Universal CityWalk for my concert on the 5 Towers Stage on 12/8/12 . It's going to be a blast and the proper way to start the holidays. It's free and will feature my full band. I will be followed by Juliet Simms from NBC's The Voice . 3. Grammy Award nominations will be announced on Wednesday in Nashville. I will be right here in Los Angeles watching the festivities on TV. Keep those positive vibes coming. There's always hope that yours truly will make the cut. Your Majest