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Horns Are On The Way!

Big news in the world of my new album. Tonight, my producer Adam and I met with our next key player. I am thrilled, honored and blessed to announce who will be contributing the horns to my record: Larry O. Williams and Rahmlee Davis . I invite you to check out their websites! The two of them bring a whole new musical level to the proceedings and they will be featured on four of my new songs. Between Mr. Williams and Mr. Davis, they have performed and/or recorded with some of my all-time favorites: the Gap Band, Little Richard, Phil Collins and Earth, Wind & Fire. I am so thankful. Meeting Larry was extraordinarily cool and I get the sense that he and Rahmlee are going to have some fun putting down the sax and trumpet parts, respectively. The dates will be within the next week, which accelerates our production. Adam and I anticipate having all of the recording done by or around Jan. 1, which puts me back on track for an early February release. We also have confirmed our mastering