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Huckleberry Finn Turns One

Happy Birthday, Huckleberry Finn! My music video for "Huckleberry Finn" turns one today! It's an antebellum slice of my life at this point.  Since I didn't get to promote it properly the first time around, (one show and out) set yourself down a spell by the virtual riverside and cool your h eels with me and enjoy it all over again. Perhaps it will hit 5K views. It's still an amazingly produced track (thanks, Adam Marsland) and a fun video to watch (thanks, Andrew Shuford). And I see the good-lookin' kid in the video and say: I remember him. Sip some sweet tea and dig "Huckleberry Finn."

The Jacksons' Victory Tour Memories

30 years ago tonight, my mother took some friends and me to see the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and the Jacksons at the Gator Bowl. It was the second (and final) time that I saw him perform with his brothers in person. The first time being the very first concert I ever attended at the Front Row in Cleveland back in the Iron Age. The Victory tour was an Event. It could have been called the Thriller tour; but Mike was being charitable. The brothers were more than capable, but everyone was there to see "Billie Jean" performed live. Period. Even as Thriller fever was about to be Purple Eclipsed and Borne out of the USA, MJ was still turning everything to gold with "P.Y.T.," "Say, Say, Say," "State of Shock" & "We Are The World" which made the globe mental the next year. Michael did not disappoint even though he looked tiny from our seats. This wasn't my first stadium concert. I had already seen the Beach Boys at old Cleveland