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So Sophisticated - Live Version Posted

Well, here's the first clip to surface from my CD release show on Sept 26th, 2012. Let's call it new archival footage. It's a groovy performance of the lead-off track "So Sophisticated." The Inimitables doing their thing. That's Evie Sands (lead guitar), Teresa Cowles (bass), Adam Marsland (rhythm guitar) and Kevin Jarvis (drums). The video was directed and shot by Paul Brown. Post production by Andy Shuford. Dig it, groove to it. It's going to be a long, hot summer... so this is how you cool off! Like iced tea! Once that video is done, check out my live performances from Liverpool on YouTube. In related multimedia news, I am working with Mr. Shuford on my next short video for "Huckleberry Finn." We have a concept and will scout locations this afternoon, once we are out of triple digit heat. I will be releasing a single version of "Huckleberry Finn" in mid-July, so the video will coincide. Happy Sunday! Norman x