Monday, May 11, 2015

On Tour In The UK With Pacific Soul Ltd. #2

The second day of the Pacific Soul Ltd. tour is done. First, three of us met up in Glasgow to catch the train down to Liverpool. Glasgow Central is a beautifully gilded station that reminded me I don't take trains enough. It took several hours to get here, but you glide past beautiful Scottish hills and English countryside. Typically, I have driven in the UK, so it's a relief to take it easy and just ride. Of course, we couldn't resist talking about the Beatles and repeating dialogue from "A Hard Days Night."
Once we got to Liverpool, we checked into our hotel just a few blocks from the Cavern Quarter and literally a block from the Jacaranda. The Jac was a club the Silver Beetles played before becoming the Beatles. Our whole band met up there after dinner, including our drummer Jon Braun who arrived today. The Jacaranda staff was very friendly and wanted to know all about PSLtd and of course, we wanted the history. We got a private tour of the basement stage where the Beatles actually performed. It was energizing and inspiring to be in that space. To see the minuscule dressing rooms/alcoves, to see the remaining square foot of the original wall mural and to get a sense of the space as the pre-Fabs would have experienced was special for all four of us and the entire party.
Of course, we have our shows tomorrow at the Cavern Pub (5 pm) and Cavern Club (9:15 pm); but we had a surreal moment being on the Jacaranda stage and singing a few bars of "Our Love Is Known By Name" in 3-part harmony. This journey brings a new surprise every hour... And there may be more shortly. Stay tuned. See you tomorrow, Cavern!

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