Saturday, July 28, 2012

International Pop Overthrow L.A. And More [Show Recap]

Played a matinee show today at Fais Do Do for the International Pop Overthrow Festival L.A. This was the Festival's 15th run in Los Angeles. I was preceded by the outstanding and eclectic Fernando Perdomo of Dreaming In Stereo.  Check out the free download of his track "Home." He closed the show with this Nilsson-esque number. I love it. Following Fernando was the Rebel Pebbles an all-ladies rock outfit from the 90's who have reunited. Fans of the Go Go's will dig them.

It is always fun to play IPO and this year was no exception as the arrangements for each song got a fresh coat. I was accompanied by producer Adam Marsland on keyboard. I had my globetrotting guitar. The venue was quite warm - it is Los Angeles in midsummer - and welcoming. There was a really nice turnout as such. Since I've been leaning into soul territory, it is nice to get a good response from a wide-ranging audience. Special thanks to all my fans who were there and to David Bash for organizing.

My set consisted of songs from my new CD, ON THE REBOUND, and A TALENT FOR LOVING. We ended with my latest single "On The Rebound" which debuted on the newly released Festival CD compilation (disc 2; track 11).  It will be available on iTunes, etc. Tuesday, August 6!

Set list:


I will have a CD release show in September. I am locking down details for the players participating and the venue. So stay tuned. In the meantime, wanna hear me next week? Come to Brennan's Friday August 3 for Adam's special tribute to the Beach Boys in conjunction with the new 50 SIDES book. I will be singing a fairly obscure Beach Boys number. Details for this special night are HERE.

Cultural note: I really enjoyed the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. As an Anglophile, I guess I am prejudiced; but it was enjoyable - even at its hammiest (Kenneth Branagh and whatever that love story interlude was). Highlights for me: the choir in Edinburgh Castle, which I visited in May; the forging of the Rings; Dizzee Rascal performing "Bonkers;" Daniel Craig IS James Bond and the Queen IS the Queen; Mr. Bean; the Arctic Monkey's cranking out "Come Together;" and the participant parade soundtracked by the Bee Gees & Chemical Brothers. My biggest disappointments: the announcers talking over Arctic Monkeys billion-viewer debut and the American athletes' complete lack of knowledge of "Hey Jude." Other than that it was moving and a spectacle.

Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy the Olympics.

Peace and Disco Beats,

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Your Majestic Rejection Is A Hit

For any independent artist, each release is a success. Each song is a hit. In this case, you have made my new single "Your Majestic Rejection" my biggest seller yet! In just 24 hours, no less. So happens, that as of 8:45 AM PST on July 4, I've had as many "hits" on the single as all day the first day. Must be the time difference and the global audience. Keep it going, fans, friends and family! This is just the beginning of the wonderful album that I made at Karma Frog with producer Adam Marsland the past 12 months.

The track went up on Google Music today. Yet another platform for you all to check out.  Of course, iTunes and CD Baby are great options, too. The single should hit Amazon MP3 shortly.

Thank you all for downloading, listening, supporting and telling your friends!

Peace and Happy Birthday, America!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Your Majestic Rejection - Summer's Hot Slow Jam Released

Heat up your summer nights with my latest release, Your Majestic Rejection. Previously only available as a limited edition CD single in the UK (May 2012).  Now, it is available through CD Baby (MP3), iTunes and more to come. Visit your favorite online music retailer now! Enjoy it, tell your friends about it.

This is the lead single from my new album ON THE REBOUND, arriving soon.

Thank you!