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Superman Rocks And Stonehenge... Rocks

Hey Soul Mates,
last night, I actually paid to see a movie in a theatre for the first time in 6 months. Went to see Superman Returns and it was quite tremendous. I urge anyone interested in seeing it to do so before anyone gives away the plot twists. Yes, there are actually plot twists. The story picks up where Superman 2 left off, but takes place in the present day. Lex Luthor is out of jail, Lois Lane is about to win a Pulitzer and Superman split the planet for 5 years.

What I will tell you is that Brandon Routh (the new Superman) does a great job filling Christopher Reeve's boots. Parker Posey is funny as Lex Luthor's not-so-bright girlfriend (a combination of Miss Tescmacher & Otis), in the worst wigs and wardrobe you've ever seen. They must have pulled her costumes off the extras from the original '78 Superman. But the topper here is scene-stealer Kevin Spacey as Lex. He brings comic timing along with his John Doe (from Se7en) menace. Everytime Spacey was on-camera I laughed. The rest of the audience was kind of stoic. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, again, I will give away none of the plot, I ain't that kid.

The smartest choice the production made was to keep the John Williams' theme song and the title graphics true to the Reeve Superman opening. It really took me back to childhood and watching those Superman movies on tv (never saw a one in the theatre). That meant it was the director's game to lose and he kept up the pace for nearly 2 1/2 hours. There were enough bits of dialogue and visual clues from the originals to make if feel familiar. Superman has always been a little cheesy compared to other superheroes, but it was nice to walk out of a superhero movie feeling like you've had some fun.

[Six Degrees of Separation: You've heard me mention before that we were interviewed by Brandon Routh's sister, Sara last fall. Well, Parker Posey's brother Chris was a dormmate of mine in school. That can mean only one thing: Rush Hour Soul appears in the next Superman movie. Dang skippy!]

On to the important stuff. The real reason why you read this blog. Picture time! That's right, Rush Hour Soul is almost done with the photo-tour. Today's are from a travel day. We spent the morning of June 6 mixing at the Studio. Then around noon we hopped in the car and headed south. I wanted to show Doug Tintern Abbey. I also got a chance to play fetch with Rarebit who was hanging around the tavern again. From there we headed toward Salisbury Plain and Stonehenge.

The whole traveling party got a kick out of Stonehenge. We got the audio wands to do the walking tour around the monoliths. I managed to hear one of the spiels about 4 times on accident, by the last time I was rolling at the way the narrator was saying "mmyeaasss, the Station Stone," in reference to one of the pieces of the site. Once everyone else had heard it, we all said it to each other for the next hour. Bryan particularly perfected the delivery. Mmyeaassss.

From Stonehenge we drove on to London; dropped off the gear and the car and settled into squalor in Bayswater. Note to all travelers: avoid the "hotels" in Bayswater. Tiny. Stuffy. Cheap, yes. But in general, no fun. We were spoiled by the great outdoors in Wales. Suddenly we were thrust amongst the tourists, noise and whatever else.

All right. It's a busy day here. We are anticipating a new mix of our single. Then I have several hundred pictures from the video shoot and our performance in London to prepare for the website.
Stay cool everyone.
Love, Power, Peace


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