Thursday, January 10, 2008


Tonight, I ran into a producer I've worked with in the past. Richard Bosworth was at the market at the same time as myself. It was great catching up with him. He's currently working with rock and roll/Sunset Strip legend, Johnny Rivers. My hope is to finish up a project with Richard that was begun a while back. I think you'd like to hear the results.

In political news, I have committed early to a Democratic candidate for President, y'all. It was not an easy choice, necessarily. Though it may be the obvious one, in hindsight. As you may know, I wear my politics on my sleeve. Can't help it. It's the way I was raised. So, I'm throwing my support to Barack Obama. He excites me like no statesperson of my generation. And his concession speech after NH Tuesday was anything but. It was electrifying!

Please check out my strictly political blog Norman Kelsey's Obama-Rama at Barack's website. I've also set up my own personal fundraising page there, too. So if you are feeling generous and optimistic about the process, feel free to donate on my behalf. I'll be doing the same on a regular basis until the White House has been won! "Yes, We Can!" It's time to get America heading into the 21st Century, not back to the 19th.

Now, off my soapbox. Time for some music. In case you are wondering, CDBaby should be loaded up on A Talent For Loving for orders tomorrow (Friday)!

Peace & Disco Beats


Blogger George said...

OH NO! NO! Friends don't let friends... get away with this kind of endorsement without some good-natured ribbing. If it were a toss-up between Obama and Ron Paul, bro, you made the right choice. Otherwise, I'm not so sure I agree with you, since I sit on that other side of the political room with my bodyguard, a specialist from KS1 Security in Atlanta. I still love you, man... We kid, because we love... And everybody's dancin' up in Roosevelt's Revue. Trey got his first iPod knock-off for Xmas in the Xto household, and on the first day, he had to have, in order: Stevie Wonder, Lilo and Stitch, Uncle Norm's new CD, Harry Connick, and Prince (predictably the hardest one to figure out how to deal with tracks appropriate for a 7-year old audience that will keep repeating the playlist over and over and over - I was able to find about a dozen out of the 3 CD Greatest Hits...). Pretty good company, eh? :-) I was happy with the selection. Now he looks like me with my Walkman in high school - nearly unceasingly headphone-clad. PEACE!


8:38 AM, January 11, 2008  
Blogger Norman K said...

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8:46 AM, January 11, 2008  
Blogger Norman K said...

Ha ha. I know. Thanks, XTO for not giving me the business (too hard). I'm glad my friends know me well enough to know that my politics are never personal. It was however my brother you gave me the Obama hat. Snap!

As for the young Jedi with his ?Pod, he's made some good choices. How about Starfish & Coffee, Dolphin, Graffiti Bridge, Paisley Park, 200 Balloons, Christopher Tracy's Parade, Diamonds & Pearls and Gold for him? Those seem kid-friendly enough.

Have a wonderful Friday, all!

8:47 AM, January 11, 2008  
Blogger George said...

Good suggestions. I have been working too hard since the holidays. I only pulled Greatest Hits - you know how Mom gives me the look when I pull the discs from the shelf and get things out of place...

8:50 AM, January 11, 2008  
Blogger DAVE said...

I can't believe I'm saying this (as I have historically voted Republican) but I'm supporting Obama as well!! From the red side, Romney appears too much of a "career political pretty-boy" (sorry Xto..I know he's your home state homey..whoa..that almost rhymes), Huckabee is too religious/Christian, makes one wonder how that would come into play given the international conditions that leaves only Rudy since Ron Paul doesn't have a chance (even though he gets the most cheers during the debates). As for McCain, too damn old!!
Okey dokey, now the blue side...Edwards..BOORRRIINNGG..even though I applaud his run given what his wife is enduring, Hillary, well..what can we say about her that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan..., Richardson is out, so that leaves us with Barack..articulate, passionate, and the only one who actually appears to "want" to do what is right for the country opposed to just ascending the political ladder. Now if Hillary gets the Dems nom, I vote for whoever nabs the Repubs....and if she is sitting in the Oval Office this exact time next year, I'm moving to Engalnd to join the Spice Girls...
On a similar note, Normie, my pc is having trouble downloading I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and actually put money in yo pocket by purchasing the entire CD!! Keep swingin' baby!!
-CP numero quatro..cause 1,2, and 3 just ain't enough flava!!

10:01 AM, January 11, 2008  

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