Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hibbert Hits A Three!

It ain't a new Dr. Suess story, but how #7 Georgetown sunk the Huskies! Ahhh, My Hoyas won their Big East home opener in fine fashion today. Breaking the hearts of unranked UConn, 72-69. 7'2" Senior center Roy Hibbert hit his second career 3-pointer with less than 7 seconds remaining. The Huskies foolishly left Roy unguarded at the top of the key; other teams are now on notice. We are Georgetown! Ya dig?!

Time to celebrate by listening to A Talent For Loving!

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Blogger George said...

Oh, my. The more Trey Xto's in the house, the more Mr. Roy hits those namesakes. Twice in a row in the house (well, we missed the American game on 12/29 or else it would have been every game of the year so far...), and two of Trey's namesakes. Hmmmm.

4:01 AM, January 14, 2008  

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