Saturday, January 12, 2008

3rd Shipment Of Talent On The Way

That means the 2nd shipment to CDBaby sold out! Yow!
Thanks, y'all! You're making my weekend very bright. It's such a blessing knowing that you are all gonna be grooving to the sounds of
A Talent For Loving this week.

I've been asked by a few of the fans in the UK about the disc and I want to encourage you to buy the disc now from CDBaby. I appreciate that you want to wait to get one in person. But, they're actually less expensive now versus what I'll be charging at shows (even with int'l shipping). And yes, I will autograph any copies brought to the shows. No fear. Plus, you'll get to hear the CD and learn the songs long before I return. LOL.

Fans of iTunes and digital downloading, you can download from
CDBaby. Although, if you must get it from iTunes, it will be available through there (and other digital services) in a few more weeks. You know I'll be sure to broadcast that!

Peace & Disco Beats


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