Thursday, November 04, 2004

Video Premiere

Hey Soul Mates,
Ah, an antidote to the recent madness.

Thanks to everyone who appeared in our video and everyone who turned out for our world video premiere for "Excommunication." The party, held at Wizards on Universal Citywalk, and the surprise performance were a complete success. It was thrilling to introduce the participants and the video. Seeing it on a real movie screen was a great experience for everyone. After the video was done, the screen rose up to reveal Rush Hour Soul launching into "The Isolation." We played a short set including: Fall Out, Everyone's Ingenue, Sucka and Excommunication. So cool to see people (including the RHS cheerleaders) dancing and performing the Excomm choreography. Many of the cast attended with three notable absences: Dave Portner, Vero Cardenas and Tristan Cortes. We missed you.
Special thanks go to the Citywalk sales crew: Erick Long, Patty Tokahuta, Toby Fulp & JD Brown. They really put in overtime to make the soiree such a fun event. It felt like all the actors, their families and our friends had a great time. If you weren't there we missed you. But don't despair. Rush Hour Soul will be making its Hollywood debut on Weds. Dec. 1 @ the Gig on Melrose. Check our website for details. We have FREE tickets for those who would like to attend. Just e-mail me and we'll hook it up!
Love, Power, Peace!


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