Monday, November 29, 2004

Back from Staples

Hey Soul Mates,
many of you know of my love for Cleveland's sports teams. Actually traveling to see the Browns and the Cavs and wearing all sorts of uniforms, caps and junk. Tonight, we went to Staples Center to watch the Cavs lose to the Clippers. Normally, the Clips are pathetic, but tonight they shot very well from the floor. Not the Cavaliers. Ugh. Too many jump (or rather standing) shots from 12 feet out by DeSagana Diop and Robert Traylor did the team in. LeBron never got going, neither did Drew Gooden, so the game was a wash from the opening tip. Only after the half did the Cavs light up the scoreboard. They tied it at the top of the 4th, then let it slide away. The highlight was a series of steals by LeBron that got them close.

Maybe you saw me on TV. I, of course, was in my #7 Cavs jersey and cap. Didn't get harassed, though. The Clipper fans or what passed for fans don't really care. More people were sporting LeBron jerseys than all Clipper apparel combined. The Cavs missed a chance to tie the Pacers for the division lead. Well, it's a long season.
Go Wine and Gold.

Love, Power, Peace.


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