Sunday, November 28, 2004

A Day In The Life

Hey Soul Mates,
it's been a busy Sunday for me. How about you? Get some time to relax? I hope so.
What have I been up to? Pushing. You know. Today, I signed the group up with and Sonicbids. What are they? Marketing tools at best, a few bucks gone at worst. IFanz will take over our fan club information gathering. Hopefully it will allow us to better communicate with our fans. Too many people have their spam filters set so high that our e-vites and e-flyers wind up in the trash. Even Dennis has this problem with inter-band e-mails. We want you to know what we are up to and when we are playing.
Sonicbids is an online service that will allow us to send EPKs (electronic press kits to festivals, showcases and the like). You can check out our EPK by clicking the link on our news page or on our link page. It will let you check out a short bio, pictures and songs.

Then today when I was out walking, I bought a new journal for lyric writing. I'm used to tons of scraps of paper with a verse here, a chorus there. Cleaning out my closet this weekend, I found some 5 year old lyric snippets that I hadn't thought about since writing them. I'm quite good at journaling on vacations, someday I might publish my memoirs. So, maybe this will help my organization. This is my official plug for Moleskine journals. They rock. Most of them slip right into your pocket, so you can write and run. OK, Moleskine send me my free journals.

Finally, we have a full-on electric rehearsal tonight at AMP. Right up the road here in No Ho. All of the guys are meeting at 7 pm. I should get ready. I might walk up there. It's that close. Time to get the funk on.

Love, Power, Peace.


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