Monday, November 01, 2004

Lookin' Good, Good Lookin'

Hey Soul Mates,
yesterday the band was very productive. We had our first photo shoot under the lens of Jason Rose. It was a beautiful day for pictures. The sun was bright and the air was pretty clear. The only trouble we had was with the Santa Ana winds. They kicked up pretty well in one location we used. The major locale was the Metro station at Universal City. There's some neat architectural touches over there. We didn't get hassled by the police, but a cruiser pulled up onto the sidewalk behind us as we did some head shots. Since it was Halloween, we didn't stick out too much. We also took some pictures on the 101 overpass. Everybody cleaned up nicely. Dennis however has this thing where he goes from hobo chic to looking like Bono. Kinda unique. Doug looked fresh in his double breasted eggplant jacket. Bryan was sporting black and charcoal. And I did black on deep red. Since Jason shot on digital we were able to briefly check the photos. From what I saw this is a good looking group. Tonight, we'll get to see the results of the session. We will of course post the cream on our website and for use with our promotional materials.

After the photo shoot, we had a lite rehearsal at home to get ready for our video premiere party. We are planning to play 3 or 4 songs, including "Excommunication."

Reminder: tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 2, is election day. Say it loud, America! Get out and vote.
Love, Power, Peace!


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