Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Sessions Update #1

Hey Soul Mates,
we have great news. Next week we will be back in studio with our producer, Richard Bosworth, working on our latest recording sessions. We will once again be in the Smartso Digital Studio where we laid down the basic tracks. The songs we are working on are:
1. "Excommunication"
2. "Fall Out"
3. "Majestic Rejection"

4. "Saffron Dancer"

As you probably know, "Excommunication" is the track that we used for filming the promotional video. It's an uptempo number about heartbreak. How's that!?
"Fall Out" is a real funk workout and we emphasize the work and the out. And it's an ode to love and joy.

"Majestic Rejection" is a recent song that is seriously about heartbreak. It's done as a waltz and the tracking was quite effective. Bryan did a guitar part that sounds just like an electric piano. Dennis and I played acoustic instruments. It was fun for me, 'cause it was the first time I ever played acoustic bass (special thanks to Rick "The Bass Player" Rosas for use of the instrument). It's a beautiful guitar (a Washburn AB40) and I gots to get me one for Christmas. Hint, Hint, Santy Claus. Or Hanukkah. Hint, Hint Harry.
Finally "Saffron Dancer" is a brassy number featuring the RHS horn section.

More returns as they come in.
Love, Power, Peace.

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