Saturday, August 28, 2004

Say What!? Sessions Update #2

Thanks for the positive energy everyone. With all of those good vibes heading this way the recording sessions have been a smash. Today we were back at Smartso digital working on our new sessions. Let me tell you,
it's also a joy working with a producer who is nuturing and creative. Richard Bosworth's energy is perpetually positive. He's challenging, though, and makes me work to achieve some really great results. Our primary focus today was "Excommunication." I know what you are thinking: shouldn't that song have been completed before they shot the music video? Well, sometimes up is down and out is in. When it comes to art, there's little logic. The song came together nicely and I've been listening to the rough mix non-stop. I think you are really going to enjoy dancing and singing along to this one.

The vocal tracking went very well. I managed to keep my voice intact for the whole day. Lots of tea & honey and a handmade wool scarf (Yes, even in 80 degree heat in LA, the throat can always use a little more protection). There was a lot of multi-tracking, doubling and harmonizing. The harmonies were fun and Richard really tested my ability to come up with new harmonies and background vocals. When you hear the song the energy is superb and there are some really cool things in the vocals that you may or may not notice. But they are there.

Then in another burst, Richard suggested that I add a keyboard part. It was very cool playing a real Hammond B3 organ. For those who don't know, the Hammond is the kind of churchy, Booker T, Stax sounding piano. After a couple of test runs, Richard let the tape roll and I attacked the keys. Lots of glissandos and a whomping Leslie sound. Unfortunately, the Hammond was just for texture; no piano solos, sorry.

I would estimate that we are 60% there for these sessions. We have to lay down vocals for "Majestic Rejection" and do a few edits and re-takes on "Fall Out" & "Saffron Dancer."
Have a great weekend everyone. Check out some new pix on the website from the film shoot.
Don't forget to add some music to your day.

Love, Power, Peace


Blogger Lo said...

Wow. That is so exciting! I personally can't wait.
The weather sucks here...wish I was in California with you guys. Maybe you should be on the lookout again...I've got an itch.
Don't worry, I'll let everyone know here prior to the move, no more taking off like a crazy person.
I've got to get my Rush Hour Soul...there ain't no rush hour here. How am I gonna get any soul without it?

7:49 AM, August 29, 2004  
Blogger SoulTrain said...

Looking forward to it! Continued success!

7:54 AM, August 29, 2004  

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