Tuesday, August 24, 2004

First Nighter

Hey Soul Mates,
I don't normally have to be a first-nighter or buy something the day it arrives in stores. But, today was like Christmas in August. All 3 of Prince's theatrical films for Warner Bros. were released today. Graffiti Bridge was probably unnecessary, but the other two: Purple Rain and Under The Cherry Moon rank among my favorite films of all time. They influenced the way I viewed music/performance and the possibilities of having dreams and making them come true. Hard to believe it's the 20th anniversary of Purple Rain. I can remember going to see it with my older brother, Nate in East Lansing. Nice to sneak into an R rated movie. Of course, the musical numbers are what stay with you and what holds up to time (no pun intended).
Under The Cherry Moon is an indulgence, a guilty pleasure. I think my old DC posse and I could recite the entire thing from "Once upon a time in France" to "Nope, I'm throwing you out onto the Miami streets!"

In website news, I got Dennis' pix from the film shoot. So those will be posted on the site soon.
In recording news, we are at Smartso on Saturday. Wish us luck.
Love, Power, Peace.


Blogger DP5150 said...

I'd be remiss if I didn't agree with Norm's blog whole-heartedly. I spent all last weekend listening to the reissues of Purple Rain and Under the Cherry Moon. The nostalgia was sparked by seeing the man perform live about 2 weeks ago and was instantly reminded of how incredibly he performs and what a musical genius he really is. Music, as a whole, probably is the single most powerful force in the world next to love. It brings and binds people together without regard to one's race, gender, culture, religion, etc. Purple Rain and Under the Cherry Moon, for example, is what initially brought the DC Posse together and that commonality has sustained us for 15 years now. To unlock the appreciation for this, the password is What. You Got It.

8:07 AM, August 25, 2004  

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