Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Blog Goes On

Hey Soul Mates.
It took me a bit, but now we have this cool blog thing cooking. I hope that you'll comment on the site, via this blog. (For those of you unfamiliar with it "Blog" is short for "Weblog." I didn't come up with it, but it works) All the feedback is welcome. Some will be posted, so no guarantees.

Thanks to Rebel Pat Kutac for the hookup with blogger.

Right now I am getting ready to configure some e-mail addresses for the band so you can all hit them with fan mail and what ever else you like. There are lots of updates on the photo page with more to come.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Love, Power, Peace.


Blogger CYN said...

This is a grand idea. Then we can keep track of your goings on without emailing the heck out of your personal email. Driving you crazy!!!
Everything looks great in the world of RHS. I am so impressed with the quality and sophisticated tone of this new project.
The name is cool, the web site is really fab, you all look great. I want to give a shout out to the RHS cheerleaders! F***IN' brilliant! You went all out and I hope you can reap the rewards soon!
GO RHS! YEA! (I wanna be a cheerleader...sigh.)

10:18 AM, August 11, 2004  

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