Thursday, April 20, 2006

London Calling

Hey Soul Mates,
big news to announce. Our date in London has been confirmed. We will be storming the stage at the
Bedford, (77 Bedford Hill in southwest London) on Weds. June 7, showtime is 9 pm. More details to follow. Visit their website and check out the venue. It's a gorgeous house.

This will be a spectacular opportunity to cap our run of dates with a slamming show in the Capital city. Make your plans to be there. It's before the World Cup starts so all you footie fans can make it without having to set the TiVo. Shoot, it's before Wimbledon, too, so Doug will be there.

How's this? One of our promoters in the UK describes what we do as "Californian Sunshine Funk." I like it.

Got my hair did by our girl Monica tonight. Bry got his locks tamed last night. We both get puffy hair going when we aren't careful. Now we'll look really clean for our shows in Cali Saturday and Wednesday.

Have a great Friday everyone.
Love, Power, Peace


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