Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ashes & Snow and a Purple Idol

Hey Soul Mates,
we've got another one! We're booked into the Stalls Bar in Harrogate. It's in North Yorkshire. Coolest thing, it's Doug's Birthday! Lots of celebrating will be going on.

Yesterday, the girls and I went to Santa Monica to see the art installation
Ashes & Snow. It was fantastic. The temporary gallery (Nomadic) was elephantine. Appropriate, because a lot of the photography focused on elephants and animals in their natural habitats. The artist Gregory Colbert also showed several films featuring the same subjects. The show is pretty breathtaking and thought-provoking. It runs till mid-May.

Before we went to the exhibition, we stopped for lunch at Cafe Crepe on 3rd St. Promenade. As we were walking in, M. Night Shyamalan was walking out. Taller than I reckoned. It was the second time in 3 days that I saw a director whose work I enjoy. Thursday, I ran into Harold Ramis ("Caddyshack," "Groundhog Day") Of course, he was Egon in Ghostbusters. Big props to both.

After the beach, we went to see Adam Marsland's Chaos Band in Van Nuys. As we walked in, they were playing a very faithful version of Good Vibrations, until they saw me. They changed to the chorus to "Gotta keep those Norm Kelsey vibrations happenin' with her." Hilarious. What a versatile group. I also got a copy of their "70's Soul" boot. Lots of fun music.

OK, here's some wild news if it's true. Following in the footsteps of Stevie Wonder & Barry Manilow, Universal has enticed Prince into appearing on American Idol to promote his new record. Much like Shakira's promotional shot last week. If Prince is on AI, he'll smash some of their viewing records. This man hasn't been on a major network in primetime since the Grammy awards last year. And frankly, AI has a larger viewership. Think Prince won't stay at #1 on the Billboard charts? Ha Ha. 3121!

Time to get the day started. Daylight savings time in da house.
Love, Power, Peace


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