Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Please, Please Tell Me Now

Hey Soul Mates,
I'm busy at the computer doing some design work for the promotional give-away for the next show at the Gig. Hope you are planning to attend. We have a special holiday something for our devoted fans.

Tonight, I went with the girls to see the premiere of the high definition film of Duran Duran Live in London. Pretty spectacular (they used about 50 digital video cameras) and very loud. So many people bought tickets that the screening was moved to a larger theater with a bigger screen. I really enjoyed the four Duran Duran shows I've attended and reliving it via film was a nice reminder of how much so. They of course tore through classics like the Reflex, Is There Something I Should Know, Wild Boys, Notorious and Girls On Film. Plus, they ran down a couple of highlights from Astronaut (my #7 LP of the year, 2004). That John Taylor is a monster on bass. Sorely underrated. The audience was into it, singing along, screaming at the boys in the band and applauding at the end of songs just as if we were at the concert. Good fun.

Well, so far, so good on this week's installment of Next Big Hit. We already have 50 votes. All that love. I hope we'll be able to return it very soon. We are looking forward to touring in 2006. Tomorrow night is your chance to hang out with us at the
Karma Coffeehouse for NBH's meet and greet. If you read my previous blog you are ahead of the game. If not, come on down to Hollywood around 7:30/8 pm and chill with us at the Karma.

Until then,
Love, Power, Peace


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