Sunday, November 20, 2005


Hey Soul Mates,
it's my Bicentennial blog. It's pretty cool to have reached two-hundred. I don't expect any one to go back and count (I certainly wouldn't), but Blogger keeps up with the tally. So, what have I got for you? Big news.

Rush Hour Soul is now available at iTunes, the worlds largest retailer of music on the internet. All four tracks from the EP are on sale for $0.99. We hope that all of our fans will go to iTunes and purchase our songs. You've heard them on the various podcasts and snippets on MySpace, but now you can have them for your iPods and your harddrives. Now, you don't have to own an iPod to enjoy the songs. Anyone can download a free iTunes player from the site and use it to play music on your computer. The jukebox will work on both PC and Macs and it's easy to use. From there you can even burn your own CDs with our music. And it's legal.

We hope everyone will go get A Talent For Loving, Done Lost My Mind, Everyone's Ingenue and Down By Love (which hasn't gotten any exposure on the web, yet). Not only will you have our cool tunes, but you'll be helping the band. Much like Billboard, iTunes keeps a record of sales on a chart. We're not expecting to beat out Madonna and Fall Out Boy, this week. But you can help us make a splash. If enough of the Soul Mates purchase the songs, the industry will notice. And at only a dollar a pop, it shouldn't be too hard on the pocket book. Of course, you can download all sorts of music and video at iTunes besides us. I ask that you begin buying the songs starting Monday, Nov. 21 (The charts track from Monday to Sunday).

Finally, any one who purchases our new singles or the entire 4 song EP can write reviews of our music for the international music buying public to see. So, be sure to leave us some hype on the Rush Hour Soul page. You can do the same if you purchase our CD at CD Baby. There are already 3 fan reviews.

We aren't particular about where you get your Rush Hour Soul, so long as you get it. Thanks for all of your support. We are truly excited about being part of the digital age and being available on the download services. Now all of you out-of-towners will be ready to sing along and dance when we roll into town. I've created an actual shopping page for our website which should be helpful. If you have any questions about iTunes, the digital downloads, etc. please e-mail me. I want everyone to be hooked into what we are doing. I'm very proud of what this group has accomplished. Now we really get to share it with the world.

Let's see, I started this blog entry and the website work at 8:09 am today. It's now 9:41 pm. Whew. It took awhile, but there have been some major changes on our website. I hope you like them and that they streamline your visit a little. Any link to a site outside of ours will be created in a new browser window, so you can easily remain in contact with our site. Drop me a line if these changes are useful or not.

Have a great week. Now go get those songs!
Love, Power, Peace


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