Thursday, October 06, 2005

RHS on Pop Garden Radio

Hey Soul Mates,
the new evite for the Oct. 25 show will be going out tonight. Hope to see as many of you there as possible. It's crunch time for Rush Hour Soul. We are reaching critical mass, the tipping point... Our name, faces and music are getting out there and we are poised to take over!

This weekend our music will make its debut on
Pop Garden Radio airing Midnight EST on Saturday night. Believe it or not, yours truly happens to be flying to central Florida tomorrow. Then, what do we get in our myspace inbox? A request for music from PGR, which airs live from (drumroll...) central Florida, exactly where I'm flying. The occasion is actually my grandmother's 90th birthday. Happy B-day, Gmom. But this also presents an opportunity to expand our audience. Should be fun. So tune in if you can, via stream, etc. Just check their site linked above.

Gotta get back to the evite and finish packing. Everyone have a great weekend. Thanks for keeping RHS close to your hearts.
Love, Power, Peace


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