Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ah, The Show Went On! (Show Recap)

Hey Soul Mates,
It's after noon and I'm just now getting around to writing. Time flies.

The show last night was a success. After some initial issues with the sound at the Good Hurt, RHS started rocking. We began the show with a dedication to Rosa Parks, without whom (and countless civil rights activists) our band might not exist. Our opening song was, appropriately, Love Someone. We hadn't played that song in a while. The set included Majestic Rejection, a 50's style waltz-time ballad, which had also been absent. Rush Hour Soul was decked out! Doug sported a tie for the first few numbers; Bry had his black on black suit working; and yours truly was in bright orange and black. Happy Halloween! Oh, I did my strip tease to Isaac Hayes' Walk On By. Doug supplied the beat, I supplied the fuzz guitar vocal.

We had a nice crowd for a Tuesday night. I think that's the latest start time we've had for ages. Thanks to everyone who attended. You did a marvelous job of singing along on several occasions. Heck, I hardly have to open my mouth on Done Lost My Mind. That's a beautiful thing.

Here's the setlist:
Love Someone
Fall Out
Everything My Heart Desires

U Had The $
Majestic Rejection
A Talent For Loving
Bad Penny Blues/Gold Digger
Done Lost My Mind
Everyone's Ingenue

In other news, we continue to do well on
Next Big Hit. Don't forget to register to vote for us. We do have competition for the title of Next Big Hit. They podcast from NYC. Nice to get that Manhattan love. We are going to be submitting another song to them. Which should it be? Done Lost My Mind or Everyone's Ingenue? That's a nice dilemma to have.

We are also going to be added to the
Great American Music Hour podcast and broadcast next week. Did I say both pod & broad, yup. They are an FM station (WRIR 97.3) based out of Richmond, VA. So, our fans in the area can actually tune in. I will keep you posted on the progress. We don't know yet which song they have chosen to play, so that's kind of exciting.

Special thanks to the fans who have left personal reviews of the EP on CDBaby. The songs will be on iTunes and the like shortly. Keep those iPods warm and save some space for us!

Finally, we have a new logo that you will see all over our website. It's our icon for popping from page to page. Hope you enjoy it. It will be featured on the postcard flyers for our show at the Gig on Nov. 10. That's our next show, so mark your calendars. I's gone be a barn-burner, y'awl!
So here's what the icon looks like:

They should be available as spinners on the '07 models.

Time to get to the dry cleaners. Last night we were the hardest sweating band in show business. Don't forget to listen to the music. And say a prayer for those in need. Love you, Gmom.

Love, Power, Peace


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are one heck of a writer!

11:12 PM, October 31, 2005  

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