Monday, September 26, 2005


Hey Soul Mates,
our interview has been posted on Suite108 today, Sept. 26. It's been podcast in it's entirety. Meaning the show lasts 50 minutes. It includes all 3 full musical performances and everything I told you about last week. I hope that you enjoy it. And if you are so moved, please let us know what you think via this blog or myspace. Better yet, let the station know what you think.

We really had fun spending time with Sara Routh (the host) and playing for the audience in attendance. It's an experience we look forward to repeating in the future. The station had some nice things to say in their description of the group and I think we acquitted ourselves nicely during the interview.

Thanks again for everyone's support.

Love, Power, Peace

p.s. Parental discretion is advised when listening to the interview. Definitely do not play out-loud at work. There are a few choice words laced in the conversation. Sweet.


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