Friday, September 02, 2005

Stone Cold Giggin' (Show Recap)

Hey Soul Mates,
Ah, I'm sipping some peach tea (with a healthy dose of honey) and reflecting on a show well done. Thanks to everyone who made it. There were so many people, I have to apologize to anyone that I wasn't able to thank personally after our set.

The show was 30 minutes of pure Rock 'n B, Rush Hour Soul style. We sported black and green. I wore a vest (Mike & Mark remember?) that I got as a teenager in Holland. I used to wear it at shows with my first band in high school. Figured it was time to exhume it. Check out the air I got!

Bryan played through the pain of a split finger nail. Purple heart, young. And I nearly blew out my voice on the third song. Other than that, the night was fun. Our set was nearly seamless, we'd been working particularly hard on transitions between songs. It helped us power through 8 numbers in a half-hour. The ladies held down the first 3 rows of the audience. Everyone looked great. Some new hairstyles out there!

Russell (the night's organizer from Pillow of Wrongness) and the Gig put together an impromptu fundraising for Hurricane Aid. Which was great. I hope some people donated. We dedicated Sucka to the city of New Orleans. Apples and oranges, but somehow appropriate. Fall Out got an extended ending (for the 12") that was completely unrehearsed but worked like a mug as Doug slowed us down to a primal crawl. Teeth fallin' outta my head, alright. We had our mojo working tonight. The set really flew by, but it looked like all the Soul Mates had a good time.

Here's the set list:
A Talent For Loving
Down By Love
U Had The $

Saffron Dancer
Fall Out
Everyone's Ingenue

Of course, our big news of the night was our announcement. Our next show Sept. 23 at BB King's will be our CD release party. Our EP is finished and we are ready to share it with the world at large. You, our fans, have been so great, responsive and supportive. Get ready to party. This is your 3 week warning. Better go buy a new outfit and get your hair did. It's going to be HOT.

Love, Power, Peace


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