Thursday, December 23, 2004

Top 10 albums of 2004 #4

Hey Soul Mates,
#4 Kish Kash... Basement Jaxx.
I haven't been so attached to a dance album in years. Kish Kash is represents all that is right in the world of dance. The Basement Jaxx had the taste to bring guest singers on board and wring awesome performances from them. Based on his appearance on Kish Kash alone, I bought JC Chasez's solo debut (which flopped). But Plug It In, is one of the hottest tracks I heard in 2004. JC proved that with the right material and production he shines. Every time I hear Plug It In, it reminds me how indebted most artists are to classic Michael and how much promise JC has.

The album is crammed with the Basement Jaxx's hyper-hydraulic beats and usually female vocals from the likes of Siouxie Sioux, who rips through Cish Cash like a banshee. Kish Kash opens with the grammy nominated Good Luck and Right Here's The Spot (with MeShell N'dgeocello). MeShell also appears on the album's paisely electronica closer Feels Like Home. The cuts don't let up til after JC burns the dance floor with Plug It In.

This album plays like a great Prince protoge disc: all sexy beats and funked up lyrics. The album only stumbles when it slows down the party, but you have to admire a house act that is trying to stretch.
Love, Power, Peace


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