Thursday, December 02, 2004

After the show, it's the afterparty...

"Gather 'round children, gotta story to tell.
Once upon a time Rhythm and Blues had a baby and they named it Rock & Roll.
Well, tonight the prodigal child has come home and he sounds like this..."
-Me, Dec. 1, 2004

Hey Soul Mates,

last night's show was a hit! There were over 125 people at the Gig and most were there to see Rush Hour Soul. The night began with a screening of our video for Excommunication, which continues to get raves from our fans. Then we launched into Fall Out as the curtain rose. The set was Fall Out/The Isolation/Everyone's Ingenue/Done Lost My Mind/Excommunication/Hold On, I'm A Comin'/Sucka/Love Someone. The audience was great. I love it when they crowd toward the stage and start dancing. That gets us fired up.

For once, my bass went horribly out of tune (during Ingenue), but after that it was smooth playing. The mix was good enough to bring out our a cappella vamps on Ingenue, Love Someone and Done Lost My Mind. I had a lot of fun singing the newer material, esp. Sam & Dave, whom I adore. Hope I did right by you, gentlemen. But it's true. We are Comin', so Hold On!!! Help is on the way in the form of Rush Hour Soul.

Thanks to the Gig for having a cool venue and for letting us do our thing.
Thanks to Pat Kershaw who videotaped the proceedings and to Jo Trostle for taking pictures. We'll have video and photos up on the website in the next week.

The response from our fans was very positive. We are still our harshest critics. It was a night to overcome lots of obstacles including our two flu-ed out members and me running red lights (and smiling for the cameras) to get to sound check on time. Sadly, the merch didn't work out again. We hope to have some gear for you all soon.

Have a great Thursday. I am already.
Love, Power, Peace!


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