Sunday, December 05, 2004

A Night In The Life...

Hey Soul Mates,
it's been a busy 24 hours. I've spent most of the day working on the website. The music video is almost ready to post. There was lots of work to be done on the presentation. The video itself was compressed and re-constituted by our good friend, Dr. Rahuna. It looks great and is a different version from the one on the Commondeer site. This is the RHS cut.
Earlier this evening, we went to a new place called Good Microbrewery in Silverlake to see our friends, Ricky Tubb & Tom Richards from the
Waking Hours do an acoustic set. It's a nice space and the sound is appropriate. This time last night, I was at Ricky's for a gathering of musicians, friends and folks. Really good people. It's always a bonus to network and meet people that share common interests and goals. In this case, music. At one point we had a bit of a hootenany going on in one of the bedrooms with a small audience. Ricky & Tom, and Taylor Locke (lead guitarist for Rooney) and I were singing lots of Beatles' songs and pulling off four-part harmonies. That's always fun. Just 2 acoustics and 4 voices. Taylor was really busting loose on the guitar parts on And Your Bird Can Sing, Get Back and I Dig A Pony. I have always loved the Beatles and I think that's the first time I've had a chance to throw down with some really good harmonizers. The highlights were Tell Me Why, Please, Please Me, & Nowhere Man. I took the stratospheric high parts with Taylor. At one point, Carrick Gerety from Everybody Else joined in and the sound we created would've made even Brian Wilson weep. I think the handful of people who heard us were thrilled.

Be sure to check out the links in this blog. Those bands are very cool and make really good music. Back to work for me, so you can see our video later today.
Love, Power, Peace.


Blogger RBarron. said...

You bet we were thrilled to hear it all!

You described that night perfectly...just looking back to that night brings a huge cheesy smile to my face...It was also a pleasure talking to you and realizing that we had a friend in common.

take care and hope to see you at your next show

10:11 AM, December 10, 2004  

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